[Sust-mar] in not Sperry's Beach news ...

Tom Daly tom_d at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Jul 13 20:07:40 EDT 2007

after watching the six o'clock news weekend weather forecast, the biweekly
culling through the pile of accumulated newspapers, flyers, catalogues etc
revealed this notice- I suspect dropped off in my mailbox sometime over the
past couple of weeks.

Anyways, if you're interested in the "old shoreline road", here's the text
of the notice:

South Shore Hiking Club
"Broad Cove to Green Bay"
Date:	Sunday July 15th	Time:	1:30pm
Meeting Place:	Bear Trap Road, near the breakwater, in Broad Cove
			Please see the map for more detailed directions
			(there's a map on the back, but it didn't scan well)

Car Pool:	Car pool parking lot at Exit 13 off Highway 103 at 1:00pm

This is a moderate hike, along the old shoreline road.  In some places the
road is covered in beach rocks, in others it is washed out completely and
you must walk on the beach.  There are no hills

Don't forget to bring ample water to drink.  We will stop for ice cream,
etc. at the Canteen in Green Bay before the return.

Total distance is about 11 km to go and return.  Of course it is possible
to go one way only for a 5km hike, or to turn around at any point.

Arrangements have been made with a small restaurant in Broad Cove to
accomodate us after the hike.

Leader is:	Janice	693 2100

Next Regular Hike:
August 19th Northfield - Wentzell's Lake
For information contact Janet 527 0274

On the back, in addition to the map, it says:

Broad Cove to Green Bay Walk
Getting there:
 >From the 103 Highway, exit at the Crousetown Road.  Continue through 
to the
end of this road at the stop sign.  Turn right onto Route 331 to Broad
Cove, abut 6km.  Turn left on Beach Road for a short distance, then left
again on Bear Trap Road.  You will come to several fishing shacks by the
harbour.  You can park just past No.82, which is on the right side at the
end of the breakwater.

The Walk:
The trail is simple, just continue along Bear Trap Road.  This is the old
coastal road which is now closed to vehicles.  Although the trail is
basically level, much of the way the surface is loose or orcky.  In some
spots the shoreline has eroded so that the trail in now on the beach.

Since this is a simple linear route, you can turn around and return at any
point.  The canteen in Green Bay makes a convenient stop for refreshment!

The total distance to the canteen and back is almost 11 km

Please Note:
The shoreline was considerably eroded by hurrican Juan and the map may not
be accurate.  In particular, Fence Pond has changed from a fresh water pond
into a tidal inlet and may be difficult to cross at high tide

so there you go- something to do this weekend!!


Enjoy it!!

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