[Sust-mar] Sperry's Beach: Councillor's Update

Tom Daly tom_d at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Jul 13 13:19:21 EDT 2007

-----<Message from Councillor Karen Dempsey>-----

The public gallery of the Municipal Council Chamber was filled with
interested and concerned citizens when Councillor Don Zwicker's "Notice of
Motion To Rescind March 13/07 Motion re Drews Hill Road" was addressed by

A three page letter from Provincial MLA Vicki Conrad was circulated to
Council members and read to those present. It strongly urged Council to
uphold the March 13/07 Motion that would see the Municipality of the
District of Lunenburg acquire the Drews Hill Road from the Provincial
Department of Natural Resources and retain this old road in the public domain.
(text of letter may be seen at
posted with permission)

Councillor Don Zwicker then withdrew his Motion To Rescind but stated that
he may re-introduce the Motion To Rescind at another date.

As your municipal representative I attempted to bring some new information
before Council advising them of the recent formation of the Sperry's Beach
Preservation Society, its growing membership and the Objects of the
Society. I was cut off by Warden Jack Wentzell.

I attempted to deliver some new information concerning a petition to the
Minister of Natural Resources recently circulated in Petite Riviere that
requested that DNR not transfer title of the old road to the Municipality.
Warden Jack Wentzell cut me off and refused to allow me to continue to
speak about the petition.

I introduced a motion to permit audience members to speak and was cut off
by Warden Jack Wentzell and told that they would not be permitted to speak.

I'm sorry to report these actions. The good news is the March Motion was
not rescinded at this time. Council did agree that a new Notice Of Motion
would be required if any Councillor wishes to re-introduce a Motion To
Rescind at a later date.

I will continue to monitor the actions of Municipal Council in relation to
this matter and would request that concerned citizens write, e-mail, or
phone the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg to voice your concern.
All correspondence addressed to Municipal Council gets circulated to all
Council members.

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
210 Aberdeen Road
Bridgewater, NS
B4V 4G8
Phone:	902-543-8181
Fax:	902-543-7123
Website:	www.modl.ca
Contact page:	http://modl.ca/CouncilContact.html

If you wish to personally address Council on this matter you must contact
the Municipal Office and request placement on the Agenda. This allows you
to make a presentation to Council and guarantees you the opportunity to
speak- although with the permission of Council.

I look forward to seeing folks on Sperry's Beach this summer: I can already
envision it without the fence, with full public access restored.

Enjoy the summer!

Karen Dempsey
Councillor, District 12
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
R.R. #1, LaHave
Phone:	902-688-2035
email:	rfalls at ns.sympatico.ca

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