[Sust-mar] URGENT ACTION: Environment Canada funding stalled - Environmental groups and projects across Canada may not survive

NSEN nsen at cen-rce.org
Thu Jul 19 23:33:49 EDT 2007

Calling all people who care about the environment: 

You may have heard the bad news that all the Environment Canada funding for
the Canadian Environmental Network, EcoAction, Habitat Stewardship etc... is
being stalled at the Minister's Office (& ADM's office). We, the Canadian
Environmental Network (RCEN), have been waiting for up to 1.5 years for our
funding and now it looks like the government may not give it to us. Many
environmental groups have been waiting months for EcoAction funding and that
has not come through as well. This funding crisis has pervasive implications
and will cripple the environmental movement across Canada. Projects are not
able to go forward and environmental groups aren't able to survive. Layoffs
have already started this week. The government did this last year with
Climate Change projects and now it is happening to the broader environmental

We have to do something to let the government know loud and clear that if
they are serious about the environment then they must be serious about
funding it!

Relative to other departments, the federal government spend SO LITTLE on the
environment - you can see the public accounts yourself: 

*We need to say loud and clear that the work of environmental
non-governmental organizations are VITAL to protecting our natural
environment, ensuring Canadians' have a voice on environmental matters, and
influencing public policy on the environment. 

**We are having an emergency meeting on Monday, July 23 from noon to 2pm at
the Ecology Action Centre, 2705 Fern Lane (corner of May St. and Agricola
St.) in Halifax. We are planning on a press conference on Tuesday late

On Monday, for those who can't come to Halifax for the strategy meeting, we
will have a teleconference line that can accept up to 20 calls. Please let
us know if you plan to join by teleconference. 


*BY FRIDAY - please email or fax a letter to Environment Minister Hon. John
Baird to show support for the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) and all
EcoAction funding.  
Fax: (613) 996-9880 
EMail: Baird.J at parl.gc.ca 
*Please copy me nsen at cen-rce.org on your message. 

Call your MP to voice your support for the RCEN, emphasizing the outcomes of
RCEN services on ENGO capacity to contribute to environmental policy.
Encourage them to contact Environment Minister John Baird. If you have
contacts in the Government, encourage them to contact Minister Baird as
well.(For a list of MPs and contact information please see:
*The Nova Scotia Environmental Network will be shut down by September. 

Come to our strategy meeting on Monday at noon at the EAC to help us plan.
Also, PLEASE SEND us your story about how this funding crisis is affecting

Do whatever action you can to let the government and public know how
important the environmental groups are! If we don't protect watersheds,
forests and if we don't advocate for endangered species etc... it won't get
done! Please convey the message that the work of environmental groups is
worthy of Canadians' tax dollars.

We must act quickly and decisively and we need all the help that we can get.

Thank you,


Tamara Lorincz
Executive Director  (NSEN)
Nova Scotia Environmental Network 
55 Willowbend Ct. 
Halifax, NS Canada B3M 3L3
Phone: 902-454-6846
Fax: 902-454-6841
Email: nsen at cen-rce.org 
Web Site: www.nsen.ca
*NSEN : Connecting for a Sustainable Future*

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