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Anyone interested in commuting to Halifax, please fill out the survey!

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> Date: Feb 25, 2007 6:46 PM
> Subject: Metro Link to Tantallon
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> The SMBSA would like to see Metro Transit provide a Metro Link to the
> Tantallon area. If you agree, please take a moment and go to the link
> below and indicate your support by filling out the survey.
> _What is Metro Link?_
> Metro Link is a rapid bus system that can transfer residents to and from
> Hfx at peak times. Pick-up would be at a designated location in the
> Tantallon area in the AM (probably every 30 mins for a two hour window)
> and travel directly to one to two designated stopping areas in Halifax
> - via the 103. The return would likely be every 30 mins for two hours in
> the evening. Unlike the regular transit system, Metro Link systems
> already in place in other areas of the city can transfer commuters in
> the same time frame as for people using their own cars. In addition,
> there is typically free parking at the pick up station
>  Go to <http://www.halifax.ca/metrotransit/news/RuralTransitStudy.html>
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