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Envisioning Revolution in Reformist Times

In recognition of May Day, join with others who work for change for a
workshop, to share ideas and social justice goals, to discuss tactics and
vision, to teach and learn, and debate What¹s Left?

Friday,  April 27, 7 ­ 9 pm & Saturday,  April 28, 9 am ­ 5 pm
at The Church (corner of Fuller Terrace and North St.) in Halifax

Many people who share goals for social change are often isolated in our
discussion of how to engage most effectively in radical, fundamental
transformation of capitalist society. Jackie Barkley, Beverley Rach and
Errol Sharpe have been talking about this problem and decided to organize a
forum for this discussion. We share with others a concern about the weakness
of a focused left opposition to the present domination of neo-liberal
ideology and its practice in our province and in the rest of the country.

While many of us work on specific projects focused on economic change,
anti-globalization, anti-war, anti-sexist, anti-poverty, anti-racist,
environmental struggles and many other locations of oppression, we need a
place where we can come together to formulate and co-ordinate strategies. We
hope to make a step toward creating a wide ranging, ideological discussion
of our shared objectives. We feel that the left needs to articulate its own
agenda/vision and let that agenda/vision be our guide to action. Once having
done that we can then be much clearer about how our engagement in political
struggles can contribute to the fulfillment of a vision of a world outside
of the structure of capitalism.

We¹ve invited four activists to start our discussion on Friday evening:
³Envisioning Revolution in Reformist Times.² Anne Bishop, Burnley ³Rocky²
Jones, Max Haiven and Errol Sharpe will present their perspectives. On
Saturday, there will be presentations and discussion around reformist work,
union activity, electoral politics, direct action, identity struggles and
solidarity work. 

Registration: $10 or pay what/if you can
Advance registration preferred ­
Contact 454.5784 / 826.2748 or
whatsleft at riseup.net
Childcare available with advance notice
Saturday lunch provided
All interested are welcome

Please put these dates on your calendar
More details to follow
(Maybe a party on Saturday night to celebrate our efforts and May Day)

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