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Call for Nominations - Deadline March 19, 2007 9th Annual RRFB Nova Scotia Mobius Environmental Awards 
In April, the Resource Recovery Fund Board (RRFB Nova Scotia) will be celebrating the 9th Annual Mobius Environmental Awards named after the Mobius Loop, the international symbol for recycling. 

The awards recognize the achievements of innovative Nova Scotians who have helped make our province a leader in waste reduction, recycling and composting. 

Award winners will be recognized at an awards banquet featuring keynote speaker Mathis Wackernagel, the Executive Director of the Global Footprint Network. The luncheon will be held at Brightwood Golf and Country Club in Dartmouth on Wednesday April 25, 2007. 

Nominations will be accepted until MARCH 19 in the following award 
1. Business of the Year - Open to large and small businesses that 
* Leadership in waste-resource management 
* Innovation in diverting materials from the waste stream 
* Green procurement policies 
* Significant diversion of waste 
* Using recycled content in the products 
Note: Two awards will be presented, one to a small business and the other to a large business. 
2. Institution of the Year - Open to public or private sector institutions that demonstrate: 
* Leadership in waste-resource management 
* Creativity in diverting materials from the waste stream 
* Green procurement policies 
* Significant diversion of waste 
3. Innovation in Waste Reduction - Open to individuals from private or public organizations that demonstrate: 
* Development of products manufactured from waste-resource materials 
* Innovative technology in waste reduction 
* Entrepreneurial spirit 
4. Waste Reduction Education Program - open to individuals and groups that demonstrate: 
* Creative and effective environmental education approaches 
* Development of imaginative environmental resource materials 
5. Individual Excellence in Waste Reduction - open to individuals that 
* Leadership and commitment in the field of solid waste-resource management or waste diversion 
* Motivating others to participate in waste reduction, reuse, recycling or composting initiatives 
* Vision in significantly reducing waste from disposal 
6. Region/Municipality/Authority of the Year - open to Solid Waste-Resource Management Regions, Municipalities and Authorities that demonstrate:

 * Innovative waste diversion programs 
 * Significant diversion of waste 
 * Commitment and effort in developing best practices in solid waste-resource management 
7. ENVIRO-DEPOT TM) of the Year - open to Enviro-Depots that 
* Creative marketing and educational programs that promote recycling and waste reduction 
* Efficient and accurate reporting 
* Excellent customer service 
8. School of the Year - open to all Nova Scotia schools that 
* Proactive environmental education programs 
* Involvement of students in waste reduction programs 
* Significant diversion of waste from the landfill 
9. Best Community-Based Project - open to not-for-profit organizations and community groups that demonstrate: 
* Ability to motivate others to participate in a community environmental 
project that reduces   
waste or cleans up the environment 
* Reduction of waste through the project and/or the creation of innovative products 

Nominating Rules and Procedures: 
*Nominations must be based on initiatives that occurred within the past 
*Nominees for all categories must reside in Nova Scotia. 
*Nominees for all business categories must have conducted business in 
Nova Scotia within the 
last year. 
*Consideration will be given to nominees that demonstrate a strong 
social and environmental 
*Nominees may qualify for any or all of the award criteria. 
*Awards will be presented in a category only if a nomination merits an 
*Nominees must consent to the nomination. 
All nominations must be accompanied by the nomination form along with a 
brief summary 
(maximum 500 words) including photos, if available, outlining why the 
nominee qualifies for the 
award.  Where applicable, include the amount of waste material diverted 
from the landfill, as well as 
sample products or educational materials which demonstrate why your 
nomination should be 
considered. For copies of the nomination form, please visit: 
Deadline for Nominations - Nominations must be received by Monday March 
19, 2007. 
(E-mailing nominations is preferred) 
For more information contact: 
Catherine McCarthy 
Director of Communications 
RRFB Nova Scotia 
14 Court Street, Suite 305 
Truro, Nova Scotia  B2N 3H7 
Email:     cmccarthy at rrfb.com 
Fax:        902-897-3256 
Phone:    902-897-3253 or 471-6359 


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