[Sust-mar] Panel Hearings-Whites Point Quarry and Marine Terminal

Andy Sharpe & Caroline Hancock hancocksharpe at doctors.org.uk
Thu May 17 08:00:33 EDT 2007

The Joint Review Panel for the Whites Point Quarry and Marine Terminal 
Project announced that public hearings will begin on Saturday, June 16, 
2007 at the Digby Pines Conference Centre in Digby, Nova Scotia. The 
Panel expects to conduct hearings over a two week period.  Groups or 
individuals interested in making a presentation at the hearings are 
asked to reserve a date and time by contacting the Panel Secretariat at 
902-564-2759. A schedule listing the order of registered participants 
will be available on the opening day of hearings. The Panel has 
prepared operational procedures for the conduct of the public hearings 
which can be found on the Panel’s website at www.wpq-jointreview.ca or 
by contacting the Panel Secretariat.   The public hearings will 
represent the last time opportunity for members of the public, 
community groups and interested individuals to address the Panel 
members on issues associated with the project.

Andy Sharpe
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