[Sust-mar] Mobilize on Halifax against Atlantica: June 13 - 16th!

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Sun May 27 11:04:48 EDT 2007

>Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 15:31:01 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Asaf Rashid <handsofnothing at yahoo.ca>
>Subject: Mobilize on Halifax against Atlantica: June 13 - 16th!
>Dear friends,
>*Please pass the word on. Thanks!
>It is a chance to collaborate our efforts to challenge another attempt to 
>consolidate global corporate rule in our own region. And people will be 
>gathering together in Halifax all the way from Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic 
>provinces and the States. The Atlantica corridor is our Plan Puebla 
>Panama, and drawing from the resistance that has already been well 
>underway there, I think we all know what needs to be done on our end. 
>Let's give the Atlantica Congress the unwelcoming it deserves!
>info about billeting in Halifax and other logistical details: 
>offering or needing rides?
>email: <mailto:Ridestoatlantica at gmail.com>Ridestoatlantica at gmail.com
>read on about the call to action and events in Halifax!
>Days of action against the Atlantica Congress in <?xml:namespace prefix = 
>st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Halifax, June 13 – 
>16: join the mobilization in Halifax!
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>Alliance Against Atlantica
>Atlantica is the abbreviated name for the Atlantic Northeast Economic 
>Region (AINER), a cross-border trade concept spanning the Maritime 
>provinces, Newfoundland, southern Quebec, and the New England states ( 
>i.e. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and upstate New York). Its main 
>proponent and originator is a right-wing think-tank group called the 
>Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), whose board of directors 
>represents many big-business interests in the Atlantic region.
>The proponents of Atlantica wish to develop a conduit to channel Asian 
>goods to the United States through the Atlantic Provinces. Massive 
>container ships called "post-Panamax" are too large to pass through the 
>Panama Canal and Halifax is the closest North American port for ships from 
>Asia via the Suez Canal. These containers would reach their destinations 
>via "truck trains," resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions, 
>higher fatal-crash rates per mile, as well as the likely expansion of 
>superhighways through communities, wilderness, and farmland.
>Atlantica is also about increasing exports of unprocessed resources, like 
>energy and water, from Canada to the United States. The intent is to 
>export oil and gas from the Atlantic offshore as quickly as possible on 
>terms that favour industry and leave decisions regarding exports to 
>deregulated markets.
>The Atlantica tag line is "business without borders," which has a double 
>meaning: business unhampered by the international border, but also unbound 
>from what AIMS refers to as "policy distress factors" such as minimum 
>wages, social program spending, environmental regulation, public ownership 
>and unionization. This kind of language is eerily familiar to that of 
>NAFTA and the FTAA, stemming from a neo-liberal agenda that aims to 
>dismantle "trade barriers."
>The results of Atlantica would be to expedite a race to the bottom for the 
>majority of people in the region. Knowing this, the governments and 
>institutions involved have tried to negotiate and implement this policy 
>undemocratically behind closed doors.
>The Alliance Against Atlantica (AAA) has formed to bring together 
>grass-roots organizations, labour, environmental organizations, peace 
>groups, religious organizations, students, and anyone who cares about 
>social justice to stand-up and say No to Atlantica! On June 14th, 15th and 
>16th Premiers, Governors and others that support Atlantica will be meeting 
>in Halifax. Member groups of the AAA a are organizing three days of events 
>including teach-ins, a critical mass bike ride, a march through downtown 
>Halifax, a street party, and a picnic. We invite you to come join us on 
>these days and voice your opposition to Atlantica!
>Take Action Against NS Power!
>Time: 12:00 pm
>Town Hall MeetingLocation: Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and 
>South Park) | 
>Time: 5:00 pm
>Resist Atlantica Teach-in
>Description: A full day of free workshops and DIY seminars on topics 
>ranging from Atlantica 101 and Deep Integration' to Know Your Rights 
>Training and Political Puppet-making.
>Location: The Khyber (1588 Barrington St) | 
>Time: 10am – 5pm
>Rally and March Against Atlantica
>Description: join the hundreds of groups and individuals for speeches, 
>songs, and more in the interregional mobilization against Atlantica.
>Location: Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and South Park) | 
>Time: noon
>Reclaim the Streets Party!
>Location: Around the WTCC
>Time: 7:00 pm
>Community Picnic
>Description: music, games, speakers, free food
>Location: Halifax Commons
>Time: noon
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