[Sust-mar] Fwd: Climate Change Campaign

energy at ecologyaction.ca energy at ecologyaction.ca
Sat Nov 3 13:03:33 EDT 2007

Under 2 degrees C: Keep Canada in Kyoto. 

Under 2 degrees C
Scientists from around the world have determined that if the world's current 
air temperature rises by more than 2 degrees C (from pre-industrial levels), 
we may be unable to reverse the effects of climate change. 

Keep Canada in Kyoto
 From December 3rd to 14th, world leaders will decide on the next 
environmental targets for Kyoto.  These targets will help guide us  in 
preventing a climate crisis.  Unfortunately Canada is looking to abandon 
Kyoto all together.  For the safety of our planet, this decision is 

Staying under 2 degrees C means staying in Kyoto. 

We have established a blog where people can share their thoughts on climate 
change, post images of climate change in their own neck of the woods, and 
find out how they can contact their politicians.  A recent survey of 
Canadians showed that the environment is the most important issue to them, 
however politicians aren't hearing this message from their constituents.  
Please visit the website for information, and stay tuned for more on this 
campaign in November! 


Please spread the word about our campaign to your committees, and to any 
interested parties across the country- leave a message on our blog, and 
please call your politicians!!  Canada in Kyoto!!!

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