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How much do GPI Youth know about this sustainability conference? What are
they being told about the Bhutan government, who are co-hosts of this
conference? Please let us know how they might be getting informed. The only
info on the GPI site is shown below. It says absolutely nothing about it.
Why is GPI and others not informing, and misinforming, our youth in this
way? We know there is no bottom to gullibility. Do they understand that
certain Bhutanese youth (depending on their ethnicity) are not allowed
education in their own country and that additional thousands of children are
living in refugee camps? Why does it seem that GPI and others holding the
conference hold a conspiracy of silence?

*BHUTAN** – *The vision of Gross National Happiness was born in Bhutan and
the government, researchers and civil society representatives are all
committed since the very beginning to the implementation of policies and
actions coherent with the idea. The Centre for Bhutan Studies has been a
pioneer in researching and promoting awareness of GNH at every level of the
Bhutanese society, and its focus on the young population of the country is
growing every day, with activities and lectures in all the schools and
colleges and a theoretic and practical support to spontaneous youth GNH
initiatives at the local level.  In this sense, several youth clubs and
volunteers' associations are currently work to give form through concrete
actions – from a national Clean Up campaign to tree plantation, blood
donation campaigns and a radio network to support to poor population,
especially in rural areas – to the GNH priorities in the 9 domains
identified by the Centre for Bhutan Studies:

1- Psychological Wellbeing

2- Health

3- Time Use and Balance

4- Education

5- Cultural Diversity and Resilience

6- Good Governance

7- Community Vitality

8- Ecological Diversity and Resilience

9- Living Standards

Bhutan hosted the 1st International Conference on Gross National Happiness
and the Centre for Bhutan Studies is the co-organizer of this event. Young
Bhutanese delegates took part in all the preparatory meetings in order to
present the concept of Gross National Happiness and better coordinate the
activities and ideas coming from the Mekong Youth with the efforts done by
the government and civil society in Bhutan and elsewhere in the world.


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> Join GPI Youth for a Coffee House and Silent Auction Fundraiser Saturday,
> November 10th at St. George's Youth Net, 2221 Maitland St.  Doors (and
> bidding!) open at 7:30 and entertainment begins at 8:00pm.  Suggested
> Donation
> $5.
> Sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere or showcase your own talents in
> the
> "open mike" portion of the evening while you support 22 local youth in
> raising
> the last 10% of the funding necessary to travel to Thailand for an
> international conference on sustainability.  Acoustic, bluegrass, and
> traditional music provided by a range of musicians including John Dalton,
> Scott
> Trivers, Brennan Vogel, Andrea Flowers, and Laura Dowling.  Thanks to a
> generous outpouring of donations from community members, businesses, and
> organizations, silent auction items include products such as handcraft,
> pottery, photography, painting as well as services such as taro readings,
> massage, Osteopathic, and Chinese Medicine healing work.
> *Please distribute widely - on listserves, in publications, on facebook...
> thanks!*
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