[Sust-mar] A crime against humanity

Ken McGowan kmcgowan at greenparty.ns.ca
Tue Nov 20 06:38:42 EST 2007

A crime against humanity

Food or Fuel?

It's a debate that the global biofuel industry wishes would just go away.

On October 25 2007 Jean Ziegler, the UN's Special Rapporteur on the 
Right to Food called the production of biofuels a crime against humanity 
and called for an international five-year ban on producing biofuels to 
combat soaring food prices.

On November 16 2007 Ken McGowan, Leader of the Green Party of Nova 
Scotia, in a speech delivered at the NSAC conference Atlantic 
Bio-Renaissance, called on Prime Minister Harper to freeze all subsidies 
to the Canadian Biofuel industry and to ban the production of Biofuels 
in Canada for 5 years.

View the 25 minute speech on Google Video here:

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