[Sust-mar] If you don't read this Green Drinks email Santa will put coal in your stocking.

Green Drinks greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:24:54 EST 2007

*Green Drinks*
* Where every month YOU are the special guest!*

Hello again everyone!  This is your friendly reminder that Green Drinks will
be taking place on November 28th at 7pm.  We have adopted the Niche Lounge
as our new home so don't be wandering over to Quinpool looking for us or the
pub that once housed us because you will find neither.

The Niche Lounge is located on Barrington Street in the belly of the Aliant
building.  There are plenty of bus routes that drive right on by and you can
lock your bike up in the parkade just down the street or select the
sturdiest street sign.  See you there!

-Kari, Aftab and Karen

P.S. If you have any feed back on Green Drinks like, say, you would prefer a
different time or day of the week please let us know.  You won't hurt our
feelings. Promise.

 P.P.S.  No coal for you.
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