[Sust-mar] Let's take action regarding the sale of Pollett's Cove

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Tue Sep 11 17:50:37 EDT 2007

Hello Sust-martians

Perhaps, with the help of the internet, folks from all corners could have 
fundraising events to try and  match Govt funds and buy Pollet's Cove. 
Either through/for the Govt or the Nature Trust. People from all over the 
planet have made this hike.
Just putting that out there.........


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>Subject: [Sust-mar] Let's take action regarding the sale of Pollett's Cove
>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:23:34 -0300 (ADT)
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>Hi Sust-Mar list,
>As many of you have heard in the news, Pollett's Cove is for sale. It is
>surrounded by a protected wilderness area and it should be protected too. I
>just hiked there with friends to spend time there over the Labour day 
>A trip we had planned well in advance. Just before we set out I heard the
>disappointing news that Pollett's cove was for sale and that the government
>wouldn't buy it.
>The time there felt different than previous hikes because I imagined what 
>would be like if those 300 acres were private land owned by some wealthy 
>who would more than likely not keep it in a wild state.
>Pollett's cove is occassionally a little overused by some of the hikers
>and paddlers who love the area - a few too many big firepits for example.
>But the impacts of the hikers, paddlers, and the cows and horses that are
>pastured there are very minimal compared with the impacts on the land,
>water, and wildlife that would occur if people built houses and other
>infrastructure there. As it is now it is great that so many people can
>enjoy the beautiful cove as a wilderness area.
>Not enough of the coastline of this province is publicly owned.
>Below is a letter that was sent to the Paddle Nova scotia list serve. I'm 
>Kevin won't mind his thoughtful and informative letter being forwarded to 
>Sust-Mar list. He provides names and addresses of which politicians to 
>write at
>the end of his letter.
>Let's write a bunch of letters,
>Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 22:44:24 -0300
>From: Kevin Gallagher Subject: FW: Polletts Cove For Sale
>Hi All,
>I am writing today to let you know that Polletts Cove Cape Breton is 
>up for sale.  This is very sad news.  It truly is one of the most beautiful
>areas in Eastern Canada. The family that has owned this land for the last
>number of years has allowed campers, paddlers and farmers to use this site.
>Unfortunately they no longer want to pay the taxes for land they do not use 
>over the last couple of years have tried negotiating with the Province 
>the government will buy the land.  The 300 acre site is surrounded by the
>Polletts Cove-Aspy Fault Wilderness Area which borders on the Cape Breton
>Highlands National Park.
>The site itself is only accessible by water, air, or a challenging hike. 
>family is asking $1.65 million and the province has made a $600,000 offer.  
>a point of reference the province paid $5 million for Cape Split a few 
>ago, an area of 500 acres.  As a result the cove is now on the open market 
>a number of wealthy CFA's have expressed interest in purchasing it.  
>Clearly if
>it is sold access to the public can no longer be guaranteed and the area 
>may be
>lost forever to future generations of Nova Scotians.
>It really is a special place and I believe the Province of Nova Scotia can
>certainly afford to buy this site and place it under protection.  Perhaps 
>Province just needs a little push, so I am asking you as Nova Scotians to 
>to the Premier Rodney MacDonald and the Minister of Natural Resources David
>Morse expressing your desire to protect this area. Polletts Cove is within 
>Premiers constituency.  Farley Mowat who recently donated some coastal land 
>Cape Breton to the Nature Trust has also expressed his disappointment in 
>Province for not purchasing this land.  It is important that we act quickly 
>become engaged on this issue before this piece of Cape Breton is lost. 
>you for taking time to read this.
>The contact information of the Premier and Minister are listed below:
>     Inverness
>     Honorable Rodney
>   MacDonald                        424-6600          424-7648
>    <premier at gov.ns.ca>
>     Premier, Office of the Premier
>     7th Floor, One Government Place
>     P.O. Box 726
>     1700 Granville Street
>     Halifax, Nova Scotia
>     B3J 2T3
>     Kings South
>     Honorable David
>   Morse           424-4037          424-0594      <min_dnr at gov.ns.ca>
>     Department of Natural Resources
>     3rd Floor, Founders Square
>     P.O. Box 698
>     1701 Hollis Street
>     Halifax, Nova Scotia
>     B3J 2T9
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