[Sust-mar] Kyoto Protocol - ask the Canadian government to obey the law

Jurgen Teuwen jteuwen at novacan.ca
Thu Sep 20 07:50:12 EDT 2007

Subject: Kyoto Protocol - ask the Canadian government to obey the law

  Dear SustMarians ...
  I thought you might like to know about this information below - my apologies if you have received this email already. 
Jurgen Teuwen

  The Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act legally requires the government to produce a plan that meets Canada's greenhouse gas emissions targets. Prime Minister Harper hasn’t even tried. The federal courts can force the government to comply with the law, but crucial and legally admissible public consultation process ends TODAY, Thursday, September 20th, and almost no comments have been received! 

  Avaaz members are stepping in at the last hour to create a massive public outcry, by faxing open letters to Environment Canada who will have to submit them in court. If there are no comments, the government will claim in court that the public supports its illegal position. We have just a few hours to make our voice heard - Please sign the letter at the link, below: 
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