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*Green Drinks*

*You are invited to attend Green Drinks on September 26th at the Niche
Lounge in Halifax*

What is Green Drinks you may wonder? Well, first of all, it has nothing to
do with food colouring in your beer.  It is simply a chance to hang out with
a group of fantastic people who have an interest in the environment or who
are now working in an environmental field. Hey, that's you!  There are Green
Drink chapters across the country and all over the world, which can be found
on our website at www.greendrinks.org.  We meet on the last Wednesday of
every month so it is easy to remember and now with our new central location,
there is even more reason to attend!

Come and join us on *Wednesday September 26th *at the *Niche Lounge*, 1505
Barrington Street (below the Maritime Centre).  We will gather from *7pm**to
**10pm* at the bar/lounge area closest to the entrance off of the patio.
Come for a drink and order food if you choose.  Don't feel shy about coming
alone, the organizers will be happy to introduce you to unfamiliar faces and
please feel welcome to bring a friend or two... or ten.  Everyone has
something to say about the environment after all.

We encourage you to walk, take a bus or hop on the ferry to attend Green
Drinks where applicable.

Green Drinks organizers: Kari, Karen and Aftab
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