[Sust-mar] International Year of Astronomy 2009 | Dark Skies Awareness

Dave Chapman dave.chapman at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 7 17:09:33 EST 2008

2009 is the UNESCO International Year of Astronomy, a global  
celebration of the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first use of the  
telescope to investigate the sky. Astronomy has deep roots in Nova  
Scotia, and there is a vibrant community of both professional and  
amateur astronomers who have come together under the banner of  
Astronomy Nova Scotia to organize and promote activities for IYA.

As "naturalists of the night sky" astronomers have a strong kinship  
with nature and environmental groups. One of the IYA Cornerstone  
projects is Dark Skies Awareness:

It is now more urgent than ever to preserve and protect dark night  
skies in places such as urban cultural landscapes, national parks and  
sites connected with astronomical observations, to preserve sites of  
astronomical importance for posterity.

The ongoing loss of dark night skies for much of the world's  
population is a serious and growing issue that not only impacts  
astronomical research, but also human health, ecology, safety,  
security, economics and energy conservation.


Collectively, we have put together an Opening Celebration of astronomy  
events for the week 7-13 January, 2009, outlined below. A portion of  
our programs and  educational handouts for IYA are directly concerned  
with Dark Skies Awareness and responsible Lighting.

We would greatly appreciate you helping us promote Dark Skies  
Awareness, our IYA Opening Celebration,  and Astronomy Nova Scotia to  
your membership. During 2009, we hope to launch some initiatives for  
urban sky parks and dark sky reserves in Nova Scotia.

IYA Nova Scotia Opening Celebration week January 7-13 (sneak peek)

*Jan 7: Astronomers on the Radio: CBC Maritime Noon phone-in

*Jan 9: Astronomers Drinking Coffee: "Where are the Aliens?" Cafe  
Scientifique at Uncommon Grounds, South Park Street

*Jan 10: Astronomy Display at Mic Mac Mall, StarLab shows for Kids at  
the Discovery Centre, Public Astronomy Lectures at Saint Mary's  
University and Acadia University, Sidewalk Astronomy at SMU, Tour of  
Burke-Gaffney Observatory (SMU)

*Jan 11: Public Sky Shows at the Halifax Planetarium (Dal), StarLab  
shows for Kids at the Discovery Centre

*Jan 13: Astronomers at the Library: "Gravity and Black Holes" at  
Spring Garden Road Branch

Details at http://www.astronomynovascotia.ca/

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