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1) Kayak Helper or Couple, vol/barter, summer, Cape Breton Island NS

2) Organic Farm Movement Volunteers, NL Organics, St. John's Nfld.

3) Go Wwoofing in Canada and Worldwide: volunteer/barter/intern/eco-travl



Position: Kayak Assistant/General Helper

Organization: Kayak Rental and Tour Business 

Location: Cape North, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Start date: June 2008

Live and work in gorgeous, wild Cape Breton. We offer

room and board in exchange for 5-ish hours a day of help.

We run a kayak rentals and tour business minutes from the

Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Rugged mountains,

pristine beaches, salt marshes surround our home (not to

mention the moose). We are a young happy family, we

work an organic garden, make maple syrup and try to get

back to working with the land.

We do not offer a salary, though there is great opportunity

for tips. We offer 3 meals a day, or food for (vegetarian

with seafood-fresh fabulous seafood), variable

accommodation (fully serviced wilderness cabin, a loft

or a tent site). We offer unlimited access to kayaks and

canoes, there is great hiking, birding, beaches, fiddling

music, concerts...no real night life though.

All kayak skill levels (or no skill levels) welcome. Certified

kayakers may have opportunity to assist in guiding (tips

can be $20-$60).

Work includes helping customers, greeting customers,

washing gear and boats, helping customers enter and exit

kayaks, providing information, helping in the garden,

painting, possible help with child care).

We are looking for the summer 2008 season, ideally

including the months of July and August (our busiest time).

Couples welcome!

See our website at http://www.kayakingcapebreton.ca

Email us at eaglenorth at gmail.com for more information.



Position: Organic Farm Movement Volunteer

Organization: NL Organics http://www.nlorganics.com

Location: St. John's/Eastern Newfoundland/The Edge of North America

Application deadline: Mar 1, 2008 or as needed

Dates: May 15 2008 or sooner, through the end of October 2008

NL Organics, a local organic farm business in beautiful

St. John's Newfoundland, is offering volunteer positions

to help move the business and the future of food in

the province ahead.

We strive for organic excellence in preparation for the

post petroleum era

We need help with:

* Greenhouse work

* Field work

* Harvesting and Deliveries

* Funding Proposals (even from away!)

* Farmers' Market Sales

* Community Gardening

* Playing Some Great Reggae

* Creating Sustainable Human Powered Farm Machinery

   & other Urban Farming Projects

We may be able to offer accommodation and of course food

to those that are willing to volunteer for a longer period.

We live in downtown St. John's and reverse commute to the

farm in a truck soon running off waste vegetable oil.

We produce diverse short season crops for about 60 homes,

restaurants, and the new local farmers market.

Mark is an organic crop and processing facility inspector

and plays the fine reggae music on weekends.

We are going into year 2 of the business growing on about

4 to 7 acres of gorgeous land overlooking Conception Bay.

Please contact us by email at nlorganics AT yahoo.ca



3) Go Wwoofing 2008

What: volunteering/learning/living on organic gardens & farms

Why: fun, experience, learning, community, travel, lifestyle

Where: 70 countries -- 600 locations in Canada alone

Who: all ages and levels of experience

When: spring, summer or fall (some hosts also welcome Wwoofers in winter)

Duration: negotiable -- a few days, weeks or a whole season

Cost: Canadian membership is $40 to $50 per year


What in the World is Wwoofing?


The variety is endless: from prairies, to mountains, to the

ocean shore... from hobby gardens to full-time farms...

from solar-powered homes to ecovillages... from herbs,

to orchards, to livestock... from swimming holes to

gourmet, natural foods cooking.

WWOOF is an international network of organic farms,

gardens and businesses where you can stay and receive

food, accommodation and training in return for your help

and participation. No experience is required, although any

skills you have can be put to good use. There are about

600 locations in Canada alone -- plus 70 other countries

around the world.

Wwoofing is not only for people who want to garden or

farm. There are also opportunities for handy persons,

cooks, teachers, child carers, consultants -- and just

about anyone else.

Wwoofing is what you make it. For some people, it's a way

to learn about organic gardening, perhaps to start a garden,

a farm or business of their own. For others, it's a way to

live healthily and sustainably for a few days, weeks or a

season -- eating well, breathing fresh air, and enjoying

good company. For yet others, it's an experiment with

non-urban living, a foray into a new lifestyle. And, for

those bitten by the travel bug, it's a unique way to travel

the world and experience other cultures.

How does it work? When you join Wwoof Canada, for

example, you pay a $40 membership fee and receive

a booklet with descriptions of all the hosts in Canada.

You agree not to share the Wwoof book with non-members

-- it's only through memberships that the Wwoof networks

are able to exist.

After that, there's no middle man: you read the book, select

one or more hosts that interest you, and contact them

directly. It's up to you to communicate with the host to give

them a good idea of your interests, limitations, time-frame,

etc. Every host is different -- it's important to ask questions

about what kind of work is involved, accommodations,

meals, preferred length of visit, and anything else that's

on your mind.

If you love this planet, have good communication skills

and a positive, can-do spirit, wwoofing is for you. It can

be an inspiring way to connect to our planet in the most

fundamental way -- by living off the land and helping

grow the food we eat every day.

     - Peter Blanchard



http://www.wwoof.ca   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWOOF





CSA: http://www.planetfriendly.net/gw.php?keyword=rted%20ag,ared%20ag

More: http://www.planetfriendly.net/gw.php?keyword=organic



Gardening http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organic_gardening


Farming http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainable_agriculture









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