[Sust-mar] Sust-mar business card distribution

Peter Watson pwatson at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Feb 5 12:59:41 EST 2008

Hello sust-martians,

I put out a request about this a couple weeks ago, but it was buried under
several other items of sust-mar business and may have been missed by many
as I only had one response.

We're asking for a little help with sust-mar publicity . . .

Every year or two we print a couple thousand sust-mar business cards for
distribution, dropping them off in places where environmentally and socially
aware folks might pass through or gather. Think coffee shops, farmers
markets, bulletin boards, libraries, community centres, responsible and
alternative shops and businesses, non profit offices, ferry terminals etc.

We're looking for volunteers to distribute these business cards wherever
there might be some appropriate spots to leave them. Any region of the
Maritimes, including the Halifax area, are good. Ideally we would like to
have at least some coverage in all provinces.

This is not supposed to be a lot of work for anybody! Just some cards you
drop off or tac up on that board the next time you pass by that 
or are at that location. Any amount of distribution would be greatly 
whether it's a couple dozen cards or a few hundred.

If you are able to help, please contact us at sust-mar-owner at list.web.net .
We can then make arrangements to get the cards to you, probably by mail
if you're outside the Halifax area.

As always, please contact us at the same address with any suggestions,
comments or concerns.

Thank you!


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