[Sust-mar] Join the 'Wisdom of the Mountain' Tour and Explore the Zapotec Coffee Lands and Ancient Civilization in Mexico!

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Join the ‘Wisdom of the Mountain’ Tour and Explore the Zapotec Coffee Lands
and Ancient Civilization in Mexico!
March 8-16, 2008
Experience the beauty of the Oaxaca region of Mexico, explore the history of
the Zapotec people, and learn about coffee production with the Fair Trade
farmers in Chayotepec.
There is still time to enjoy a sunny and affordable March Break.  Leave the
resorts behind and join us on a small-group, guided tour in exploring the
real Mexican coffee lands from March 8th -16th, 2008.  Learn about the
ancient Zapotec culture (predating Mayan and Aztec cultures) and how they
have protected their forests for thousands of years.  Try your hand at
harvesting coffee and making tortillas when we stay with the Zapotecs in
Chayotepec – a Fair Trade, organic coffee community.  Hear the stories and
music of this rich cultural area and experience the delights of the local

Take this opportunity to participate in this season’s coffee harvest!

For more information: please email Satya Ramen, info at judesfairtrade.ca or
phone 902-877-0263, or visit www.judesfairtrade.ca to download more

“My experience in Chayotepec touched me deeply. I know my time in Chayotepec
was a privileged window onto their world. The true reality of life in this
village is known only to those that love, labour and live there.” Kate Adams
– reflecting upon her recent return from Chayotepec

The Zapotecs are an indigenous people of Mexico. The population is
concentrated in the southern state of Oaxaca. In pre-Columbian times the
Zapotec civilization was one of the highly developed cultures of
Mesoamerica, which among other things, included a system of writing. There
are two basic groups of Zapotecs: the istmeños, who live in the southern
Valley of Oaxaca, and the serranos, who live in the northern mountains of
the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca. We will be visiting both groups including 3
nights with Zapotec coffee producers who sell their ‘Wisdom of the Mountain’
green beans to Just Us! Coffee Roasters in the Maritimes.

Please note:  A portion of the cost of this trip will be put towards carbon
offsets for our travel.  As with Fair Trade, the benefits of our tourism go
to support the communities we work with.

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