[Sust-mar] Green Drinks... and a Crystal Ball

Kari Riddell riddell at clean.ns.ca
Tue Feb 19 07:54:08 EST 2008

Green Drinks... and a Crystal Ball

Date: Wednesday February 27th
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Place: The Niche Lounge 1505 Barrington Street, Halifax (bottom of the
Aliant building)
Just ask for the Green Drinks group.

In 2007 Green Drinkers looked into a crystal ball and did their best to
see into the 'green' future.   It has now been a year since those
predictions were made (or at least we figure it has been a year, the
crystal ball doesn't do the past) so we will be opening up the time
capsule that contains all the environmentally themed predictions (green
bag with a draw string - very tight bow -stored in a mystical closet) to
see who was right, who was close and who was way off. 

Everyone who shows up on the 27th will be entered into a draw for a
chance to win a free drink (value of $7). If your prediction is right we
will enter your name twice.

If you didn't make a prediction in 2007 don't be worried, it will still
be fun to discuss how accurate or inaccurate our Green Drinkers were.  

Green Drinks is a social gathering for people who have an interest in
environmental topics.  Absolutely everyone is welcome. Come as a group
or come on your own - we will do our best to make you feel welcome.
Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are available and if you don't
have time for dinner before you come, or you want to order a round of
nachos, Niche has a great menu to peruse.

See you there!

Green Drink Organizers: Kari, Karen and Sera




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