[Sust-mar] creation of a memorial society for NS

SE aq389 at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Jan 1 08:15:28 EST 2008

I am in the process of formally creating a memorial society for NS. 
Everybody has to have a funeral.  The funeral industry is a very big 
corporate business.   In the rest of Canada for decades there have 
been memorial societies that have allowed consumers to have 
meaningful, appropriate and affordable funerals.  As a registered non 
profit society, the MSNS will gather information and advocate on 
behalf of consumers.  People should be able to have the funeral they 
want and can afford.
If you are interested in becoming a member, there will be a lifetime 
membership fee of approximately $25, please visit the url below or 
send me an e-mail.  I am also looking for people who want to get more 
involved and serve on the board.
Thank you.
susanna eve

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