[Sust-mar] made in canada electric car

kim thompson shipharbour at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 1 18:51:31 EST 2008

Hello all,
Maybe this is not new news to anyone but me, but check this out...

> An electric car is made in Quebec
> (http://www.zenncars.com/) which wasnt allowed to be
> sold up until quite recently in Canada until
> public/media "outrage" forced the issue and now Zenns
> are available legally in British Columbia. The
> likelihood of a Zenn car becoming "legal" in Ontario
> is possibly quite low due to the complexities of
> the issue surrounding the idea of taxpayers (through
> electricity cost subsidization) contributing to the
> transportation needs of probably largely urban Zenn
> drivers.

> It sells well in the US of course where
> notions of "the larger good" are seen as socialistic?
> Beats me.
> ML
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