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Hello all,

On the Zenn car again...
While they are powered by electricity and our NS electricity  
currently comes from coal mines in Columbia!! ...it is possible (I  
believe) to power them electricity generated by the sun, wind etc.  I  
recall hearing about a project/time in Tucson in the 80's where there  
were power stations scattered around the city which one would go to,  
like to a gas pump, and recharge... not sure if this meant switching  
batteries or exactly what.


On 4-Jan-08, at 11:16 AM, Christopher Majka wrote:

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> Hi folks,
> Indeed, thanks to both Kim and Ruth for drawing our attention to  
> this remarkable vehicle. Do check out the website, and especially  
> the YouTube clip from The Rick Mercer Show about the car and  
> company which is available on the home page of the site - brilliant  
> and funny!
> The car has an operating range of ~ 56 km between recharges and can  
> go up to 40 km/hr so it is a urban "running-around-doing-errands"  
> vehicle rather than a highway car. It recharges fully overnight  
> plugged into a regular AC outlet. In 4 hours it acquires 80% of its  
> charge if you want to turn it around quickly. The base price is  
> $12,750 going up to $14,700 for the "high-end" model.
> Time to start lobbying our provincial politicians to ensure that  
> this car is soon licensed for sale in Nova Scotia. At the moment,  
> although they are manufactured in Quebec, you can only legally  
> operate them in British Columbia (and there are no dealers there  
> yet), and of course, all over the United States ... ;->.
> Cheers,
> Chris
> On Jan 3, 2008, at 6:53 PM, Ruth Lapp wrote:
>> Thanks Kim for drawing our attention to the Zenn car.  The Zenn  
>> electric car is truly an intriguing example of innovation in  
>> technology, and cute too, as far as cars go.  I am hoping that  
>> consumers who are eager and financially able to go this route of  
>> being green in meeting their personal transportation needs, will  
>> question the claim by manufacturers that the Zenn car is  'zero  
>> emission'. How can this be, if it is being plugged into the  
>> current power grid which is fed through coal and nuclear  
>> generation?  (although I am hearing that nuclear is being billed  
>> as the new green energy source).
>> Thanks again
>> Ruth Lapp
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>> Hello all,
>> Maybe this is not new news to anyone but me, but check this out...
>>> An electric car is made in Quebec
>>> (http://www.zenncars.com/) which wasnt allowed to be
>>> sold up until quite recently in Canada until
>>> public/media "outrage" forced the issue and now Zenns
>>> are available legally in British Columbia. The
>>> likelihood of a Zenn car becoming "legal" in Ontario
>>> is possibly quite low due to the complexities of
>>> the issue surrounding the idea of taxpayers (through
>>> electricity cost subsidization) contributing to the
>>> transportation needs of probably largely urban Zenn
>>> drivers.
>>> It sells well in the US of course where
>>> notions of "the larger good" are seen as socialistic?
>>> Beats me.
>>> ML
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