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-- 10 week position now until March 31st

Position: Net Zero Systems Researcher

Organization: Falls Brook Centre http://www.fallsbrookcentre.ca

Location: Knowlesville, New Brunswick

Date posted to GoodWorkCanada.ca: Jan 12, 2008

Starting date: immediately (as soon as Mon. Jan. 14, 2008)

Application deadline: Jan 18, 2008

Job Description:

The Net-Zero Systems Researcher will be responsible for 

a range of activities at Falls Brook Centre related to the

consideration, design and calculations related to the

development of a demonstration neighbourhood to be 

located in Knowlesville NB, these activities include:

* Compiling research on energy systems, protocols,

suppliers and installation details associated with both

individual house modeling and community scale systems

* Developing an energy balance for the proposed

neighbourhoods & potential new FBC office / training


* Designing a community energy plan for each neighbourhood

and a timeline for phased development

* Mapping out potential sites for optimum solar and wind


* Preparing a workshop on "Renewable Energy for a

conservation-oriented lifestyle": overview of current

technologies, how to calculate energy balance (use versus

production), introduction to basics of installation and use

* Assisting with the development of a workshop on "Building

with local, natural materials: Overview of natural building

approaches, materials, and performance."

* Assisting with compilation of research and text editing

for project

* Outreach and promotion of training & community events for

the project

The Net-Zero Systems Researcher will also undertake a range

of activities associated with the maintenance of FBC's

Renewable Energy & Biofuels demonstrations, these include:

1. Maintain the Falls Brook Centre Net Metering

Demonstration Project and the Biodiesel Facility.

* Assist with record keeping & upkeep on a 3kW wind turbine

& associated components

* Assist with the production of biodiesel & documentation

of whole process

* Assist with the workshops on renewable energy and energy


* Research home and school energy audit materials

* Assist with research and development of the FBC Community

Energy Project(s).

* Maintain and build RE infrastructure on site at FBC and

link climate change programming to FBC's local and

international renewable energy work.

2. Review & inventory of all of FBC's renewable energy

components on site and on the Climate Change Bus and

understanding of complete maintenance requirements,

including location of spare materials and tools available at


About the Work:

Falls Brook Centre would like to develop an on-the ground

model for sustainable community design in the formation of a

Net Zero Energy Eco-neighbourhood in South Knowlesville. The

project aims to propose a long-term ecological rural plan

that connects over 450 acres of organizational, private

lands and potentially 500 ha of proposed nature preserve.

Approximately 60 acres of this land will be examined in more

detail to design a clustered residential development that

preserves at least 50% of the buildable area for ecological

restoration, organic agriculture & recreation. The intent is

to build affordable, environmentally sound homes with local

resources & skills and incorporate renewable and energy

efficient technologies. The goal is to develop a case study

of landscape-based local plans and ordinance that preserve

ecological integrity and respect rural vernaculars.

There are two design aspects to this project, 1) the

landscape-level planning and design of the neighbourhood and

2) the guidelines for energy, waste and water systems that

need to be considered at the individual building level as

well as the overall design. Another aspect that will

influence the design ultimately is the governance structure

of the neighbourhood. This project will address all threee

components under the following themes: Landscape & 

Community Design ; Systems; & Governance.

It is important that the people involved in this project

can work both independantly and also communicate effectively

so as to work in synergy with the project coordinator, the

site developer and the net-zero systems researcher.

This is a short-term staff position at Falls Brook Centre

that has a heavy workload. A successful candidate will be

motivated by the project mission and apply themselves to

'get up to speed' on the project details and how best they

can use their variety of skills to the best outcome of the


General Qualifications Required:

* Candidates must be self-motivated, dynamic, well

organized, and be able to function under

pressure and handle numerous tasks simultaneously.

* Understanding and experience in working on sustainability

and environmental issues;

* Computer skills including Office (word, excel), e-mail,


* Excellent communication skills, both oral and written,

bilingual an asset

* Must be willing to work on evenings and week-ends;

* An ability to meet deadlines, be flexible in new

situations, and to deal well with change;

* Excellent health and fitness;

* The ability to communicate in both English and French

would be an asset;

* You must have the ability to feel comfortable with wood

heat, spring water, and a remote rural community living


Qualifications Required

* Demonstrated experience/interest in climate change and

renewable energy issues;

* Strong interpersonal and presentation skills;

* Ability to do both hands-on and computer related work

Remuneration: prorated at a project coordinator level with

an annual salary of 24,000 to 27,000 based on experience.

Applications will be accepted by e-mail & fax. Applicants

should electronically provide a resume and a cover letter

highlighting their qualifications for this position.

Deadline for receiving resumes January 18th 2008. Position

is to start immediately (as soon as Monday January 14th,


Please send all applications:

Jean Arnold, Executive Director

Falls Brook Centre

125 South Knowlesville Road

Knowlesville NB Canada E7L 1B1

Fax: (506) 375-4221

E-mail: ja at fallsbrookcentre.ca

Visit our website: http://www.fallsbrookcentre.ca


About Falls Brook Centre (FBC)


Falls Brook Centre (FBC) is a community development

demonstration and training centre in rural New Brunswick.

Located on 400 acres of farm and forestland, FBC works to

demonstrate the practical application and implementation of

sustainable development. Appropriate technology applications

of solar energy, wind energy, composting and recycling

models, as well as 7 km of fully marked forest trails, an

arboretum, herbarium and a forest museum bring visitors on 

a regular basis. With a solar and wind powered conference

centre, FBC is able to host small meetings and provide

accommodation and certified-organic catering for up to 25

people on-site. Falls Brook Centre has four main program

areas: forest stewardship, sustainable agriculture,

appropriate technology, and community development. Projects

focusing on forest restoration and certification, non-timber

forest products, climate change, solar and wind energy

systems, organic agriculture, analog forestry, landmine

awareness and landmine survivor assistance are ongoing.

Throughout the year workshops and projects for school and

other groups on environmental themes are organized. On site

and within the local community -- FBC works at putting its

theory into practice. Demonstrations on site include soil

conservation methods, several tree nurseries and seed beds

of indigenous species to the temperate Acadian forest,

certified-organic farming techniques, heritage seed gardens,

and solar and wind energy applications. International

programming is based on the same practical applications to

create strong linkages worldwide in such appropriate and

sustainable development practices.




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