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Sat Jan 5 14:44:14 EST 2008

Hi Everybody,
My initial e-mail seems to have generated some confusion as to 
exactly what a memorial society is.   Memorial societies are not the 
same thing as cooperative funeral homes.   Memorial societies are not 
businesses, they do not operate funeral homes.

Across Canada the memorial societies that have been formed over the 
last 50 years, in all provinces west of NB, are  not directly 
involved in the funeral business.   Rather,  they advocate on behalf 
of the funeral consumer.

The idea behind a memorial society is to allow consumers to plan 
ahead (not necessarily pay ahead) and to have a meaningful funeral 
that is appropriate to their circumstances and that they can also 
Please have a look at the website for a more detailed explanation and 
for links to memorial societies in other provinces (and in the US) as 
well as resources.
Memorial Society of NS: http://tiny.cc/CGfA5

Thank you to all the people who have already written to me expressing 
interest and support for this project.
Susanna Eve
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