[Sust-mar] Free Environmental Home Assessment

Catherine Joudrey cjoudrey at clean.ns.ca
Wed Jul 23 15:23:38 EDT 2008


Environmental Home Assessment Program 

Are you one of the 400,000 Nova Scotians who depend on private well and
septic systems? The Environmental Home Assessment Program (EHAP) is a
FREE and confidential service intended to help you properly maintain
your well, septic system and oil tank. All you need to do is call
1-866-500-3427 to request a visit from a trained assessor. 

To qualify for a visit, you must have a private well and on-site septic
system at your primary residence. We'll show you how to inspect your own
well, oil tank and septic system to help ensure they are functioning
properly.  Plus, we'll discuss ways you can test your water quality and
offer you water conservation tips; which ultimately save you money.  

During our visit we'll give you a voucher worth up to $100 on your next
septic tank pumping, a water quality sampling kit with water saving
devices and a sample of an environmentally friendly cleaner. A grant of
up to $3000 may also be available to those who qualify toward the repair
of a failed septic system. "Maintaining these critical yet often
overlooked systems is not only important to the health of yourself, your
family members and the environment, but it also saves you major
financial and environmental costs in the long run," says Mike White, a
Central region EHAP assessor from Clean Nova Scotia.

The Environmental Home Assessment Program is province-wide and was
developed by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment. 


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