[Sust-mar] Solar Nova Scotia: Call to Service

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Wed Jul 30 14:21:16 EDT 2008

FROM: Boardmember Jim Creighton

Dear Solar Nova Scotia member or friend:

Solar Nova Scotia is facing a crisis, but that need not be a bad  
thing. The Chinese pictograph for “crisis” (wei ji) is a  
combination of the pictographs for “danger” and  
“opportunity” . The danger is, our organization is on the brink  
of fading out, but, the opportunity is there for it to renew itself  
in a more vital form.

It’s been coming on for a while. All organizations, especially  
volunteer ones, go through cycles of vitality and lethargy. Some of  
our present executive, after years of hard work are feeling tired and/ 
or spread too thin. Projects are languishing. How often have we heard  
the question, “Why is it that the same few do all the work?”?

The irony here is the fact that this is a time of steadily growing  
interest in solar homes, propelled by rising fuel prices and concern  
for global warming. Nevertheless, some feel they have completed their  
tour of duty or need to be on a team.

We need teammembers for the main things that Solar Nova Scotia does:
* Organizing Home Tours,
* Organizing Home Shows,
* Lobbying and policy work, working in conjunction with EAC,
* Publishing a newsletter,
* Collecting content for the newsletter, and
* Other activities that the new board will define!

This letter is a call to members to attend our next Annual General  
Meeting, on August 18, 7:00 PM - 9:30PM in the Kenneth C. Rowe  
Building, Room 1014, University Ave (near the the "Cohn" or Dal Arts  

The meeting will have several main parts:
* Discussion of new and old ideas of Solar Nova Scotia opportunities,
* Election of a new board or core team of the society, and as the  
guest star, and
* Unveiling of the new edition of the Solar Shelter Manual! The AGM  
will also be our first opportunity (what better??!) to unveil the  
update of our manual, reworked, revised and renamed: The Canadian  
Solar Home Manual. This version features many photographs, the same  
clear graphics and updated and expanded content on superinsulated  
houses, climate control and active solar systems. Be the first on  
your block to get one!!

If you join a team, you won't be operating in a vacuum; Solar Nova  
Scotia veterans will be most happy to help the newbies make the  
transition. Among you new converts to solar power, there must be  
folks who have the time and energy  to keep Solar Nova Scotia moving  
into a new era, sharing the burgeoning knowledge with a new  
generation of solar home builders.

So, please, come to the AGM and lend your support to Solar Nova Scotia!

The Facebook page for the Solar Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting is:


If you're on Facebook, please (a) invite any friends who you think  
might be interested, and (b) if you're planning to attend, please  
RSVP so we get an idea of the quantities for any snacks and  
refreshments.  Thanks.

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