[Sust-mar] Campaign to increase availability of unscented products

Ross Mayhew rmayhew at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 28 10:23:58 EDT 2008

Is there an organization or two who might be interested in running a 
determined letter-writing campaign to get more unscented products in the 
stores around Halifax?  I remember the "No scents is good sense" 
thingie, which produced good results, but unscented produscts such as 
goodies for babies (oil, powder, etc), hand cleansers, deoderants, 
after-shave, hair products..... these are still REALLY hard to come by 
in most pharmacies in the Hfx/Dartmouth/Sackville area for some reason: 
there IS a demand for them, but most places stubbornly refuse to stock 
them nevertheless.   Perhaps if Lawtons, Pharmasave, Sobeys, Walmart, 
Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart all recieved hundreds of letters 
asking them to stock a good variety of unscented products, a couple of 
them might actually pay attention!!!

- Ross Mayhew.

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