[Sust-mar] Solstice Social

Kari Riddell riddell at clean.ns.ca
Wed Jun 4 12:25:32 EDT 2008

Good afternoon,


If you are interested in environmental education and networking with
various environmental educators here in Nova Scotia, consider attending
the Solstice Social: A Professional Development and Networking Day on
Environmental Education hosted by the NSEN Environmental Education
Caucus and the Sustainability Education in Nova Scotia for Everyone
(SENSE) working group.


This full-day event will take place on June 25th at Oakwood House in
Dartmouth. Please see below for details. Space is limited, so please
pre-register by June 13th, 2008.



Daisy Kidston

Programs Coordinator

Climate Change Centre, Clean Nova Scotia


kidston at clean.ns.ca <mailto:gibson at clean.ns.ca> 





A Professional Development and Networking Day on Environmental Education



What: A full day on the lovely shores of Lake Banook dedicated to
environmental education with professional development, networking, and
resource-sharing opportunities. A potluck lunch will provide time for
socializing and celebration of summer.


The day will begin with a welcome and round table on environmental
education. Following a short break, a discussion on best practices for
environmental education will occur. There will then be a potluck lunch
with a chance to visit booths or exhibits set up by EE Caucus and SENSE
members. The afternoon activity will be dedicated to professional
development on evaluation techniques.


When: Wednesday, June 25th from 9:00am-3:30pm


Where: Oakwood House, Lake Banook , 88 A Crichton Ave.  


Cost: Free of charge (We encourage people to renew their membership with
NSEN: http://www.nsen.ca/join.php)


Who should attend: EE Caucus members, SENSE members, and members of the
general public who are interested in environmental education.  Due to
limited space (approx. 30 spaces), we ask that you please pre-register
by June 13th, 2008


Please send your registration to Susan Bone at: susan.bone at ec.gc.ca
Please send the following information:

*      Name 

*      Are you a SENSE or EE Caucus member?

*      Your contact info (phone, email)

*      Would you like to set up a booth or exhibit at the Solstice
Social?  Yes   No

*      Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions we should
be aware of? 


Further details on the potluck and schedule for the day will soon
follow. Please note for the potluck lunch we ask you to bring a dish to
share but that tea, coffee, and juice will be provided, as will plates
and cutlery at Oakwood House. We will try to arrange carpooling.  


So, mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information!  For
questions, please contact Daisy Kidston (kidston at clean.ns.ca) or Susan
Bone (susan.bone at ec.gc.ca) 





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