[Sust-mar] Biodiversity hike in Long Lake Provincial Park

karenmckendry at wildmail.com karenmckendry at wildmail.com
Wed Jun 4 13:05:47 EDT 2008

This Satuday, come explore the amazing biodiversity in your own

Everyone is welcome to attend a free biodiversity hike into Long Lake
Provincial Park this Saturday, June 7th. Hike leaders will take groups
of up to 10 people at a time along the Beaver Brook Trail, and will
describe the neat native plants and animals (and lichens and more!)
found right here in the city. Hikes will depart from the Exhibition Park
parking lot (200 Prospect Road). While at Exhibition Park, you can also
check out the first annual BioBlitz, being held from 9:00am to 3:00pm on
June 7th. The BioBlitz is a biodiversity celebration and "race" to
identify as many species as possible in Long Lake Provincial Park, and
will feature biologists as work, cool science tools, like digital
microscopes and fish tanks, and rocking nature-y bands, like The

Hikes will start at 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm, and
will be about half an hour long. Proper footware is absolutely required
(no flip flops or sandals). Children are very welcome to attend the
hike, but must have a parent or guardian with them at all times. The
hike is not officially endorsed by the organizers of BioBlitz.

No advance sign-up is neccessary... feel free to simply show up just
before one of the hike times. If you do need more information, please
contact Hike Leader Karen McKendry (karen.mckendry at dal.ca).

"An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of
not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment."
David Attenborough


It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.
~ Charles Darwin 

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