[Sust-mar] Green Drinks on vacation

Green Drinks greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 11:10:52 EDT 2008

Hi Green Drinkers,

It looks like we are not able to call the Niche Lounge our home for the
summer as management at the restaurant said they don't have room for us in
their busy season. Fair enough, as I can't always gauruntee a table for 15
will be filled.

I am also the lone organizer now so I am looking for two peope to volunteer
their time in helping organize Green Drinks.  It only takes a few minutes of
your time each month to help out aside from attending the event when ever
you are able.  If you are outgoing, like meeting new people and helping
people connect in our 'green' community, please respond to this message.

As for June, July and August, I think we will take a break and resume in
September. A three month drought should mean we will all be thirsty Green
Drinkers in September!


If you would like to be removed from the Green Drinks list please let us
know by responding to this email.

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