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Explore Alberta - Put a Brake on the Tar Sands   
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June 25, 2008
Explore Alberta - Put a Brake on the Tar Sands
Dear friends,
What comes to mind when you think about Alberta, Canada?  Vast forests and wilderness, towering mountains and ski hills, rodeos and cowboys?  That might have been true once, but not anymore. Alberta is now home to the largest and most environmentally destructive project on the planet, as revealed in a new site dedicated to dispelling Alberta's clean image.
Travelling Alberta is a mock travel site that pulls back the curtain on tar sands development and shows the world what the province is desperately trying to hide: pools of toxic, deadly water  It tells the real story of what travelers will find in Alberta: massive CO2 emissions, toxic water and the planet's dirtiest oil. 
But waging a battle against Big Oil and exposing the world's largest and most toxic industrial project is no small task, and we need your help. We need you to visit this site, to tell your friends and to spread the word. We need to get our message to the Canadian and Albertan governments that the world will not accept dirty oil extracted at the risk of environmental, social and economic health. And we need to do it now. 
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Tell the Alberta and Canadian government that it's time to put a brake on the Tar Sands
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The tar sands are the dirtiest source of oil. Unlike conventional oil operations, the tar sands are extracted by building huge strip mines or deep in-situ wells. While the rest of the planet is finding solutions to decrease their carbon footprint, Alberta is making Canada's bigger. Already, greenhouse gases from the tar sands are roughly equal to the emissions of all the cars on the road today in Canada. And they're growing. 
Water used from the tar sands is so contaminated with toxic chemicals it must be stored in huge "tailings ponds" that are visible from outer space. A city of two million people uses an amount of water equivalent to the tar sands annually. And just this past April, about 500 birds perished after they came in contact with the toxic water. They are typically scared away by air cannons! 
More than 147,000 square kilometers of Boreal Forest — an area the size of Florida — is at risk to tar sands development. Yet instead of slowing down development, the Alberta government has approved every single tar sands proposal that has come across its desk. 
This is the dirty image Alberta's Premier will try to sugar-coat as he travels throughout the United States and Europe, spending $25 million dollars to beautify Alberta's image. We need your help to send a clear message to Premier Ed Stelmach: Stop the Tar Sands and clean up your own backyard. 
If you want to tell the Premier and Prime Minister Stephen Harper that it doesn't have to be this way.  If you want to tell them to clean up their act and make Alberta a great place to visit again.  If you want to have your voice heard as loud as big oil companies who are destroying the environment, visit travellingalberta.com and tell a friend. 
Do your part to Stop the Tar Sands today.
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