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Hi there
Is it possible to have this petition posted?
Thank you very much

From: donsullivan <donsullivan at shaw.ca>
Date: 2008/03/04 Tue PM 05:41:28 CST
To: "Susanne McCrea (E-mail)" <borealaction at gmail.com>
Subject: I am appealing to the inner organizer in you.

Hi Folks let me first thank each and everyone one of you who have taken the
time to sign the online petition to help protect the Eastside of Lake

But  I am now appealing to the inner organizer in you.

As of March 4, 2008 the petition to help protect the Eastside of Lake
Winnipeg has garnered 288 signatures. I need your help more then ever. We
need to get a 1000 online signatures soon so the we can send the petition to
Hugh McFadyen.

To put this in perspective the opposition has created their own website and
have a petition circulating with 209 online signature. I know that we can
out organize these folks because I know that you all have organizing skills
to help us achieve the objective of getting 1000 signatures.

I asked that you take a few minutes out of your life and help spread this
petition around to your network of friends and or list serve or any other
method that will bump up the number of signatures.

Recently the Government made a decision not to proceed with the construction
of a High Voltage Direct Current Hydroelectric transmission line in one of
the last remaining large intact relatively undisturbed boreal region left in
Canada on the Eastside of Lake Winnipeg. A 4.3 million hectare area in this
region is now being proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

 the leader of the official opposition, is now mounting a
campaign to force the government to reverse its decision.

The Boreal Forest Network encourages you to the link below and sign the
petition that we will send to Hugh McFadyen to show that there is wide
support for the government's decision to not proceed with the construction
of a HVDC hydro transmission line down the Eastside of Lake Winnipeg and to
support the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site and help protect the
critical habitat of the threathened Woodland Caribou in Manitoba.

Please take a moment to sign our online petition by visiting the following
link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/273007696

Please pass this message along to your list serve and encourage others to
sign this petition.

Once we have reached our objective (1000 signatures) we will pass the
petition on to Hugh McFadyen.

Thank you for helping to protect and preserve the Eastside of Lake Winnipeg
and visit this website www.manidooabi.org to learn more.

Thank you

Don Sullivan

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