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Alternative development models for tidal energy


March 12, 2008


In the March issue of The Nova Scotia Policy Review, Arthur Bull of the Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre describes how communities could benefit from alternative models for extracting tidal power from the Bay of Fundy. "By linking even a small degree of wealth from tidal energy to community economic development, a self-sufficient system of investment in small business development could be put in place," Bull writes. 

"Another model would be to give rural communities around the Bay of Fundy an energy advantage by reducing local energy costs. This would support economic development in the region and would support the development of a model for a green rural economy."


The Nova Scotia Policy Review is an independent magazine that searches for community solutions to the problems of development.


In the same issue, Geoff Le Boutillier, the founder and chair of the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association, presents a model for coastal development that could end decades of squabbling over coastal development.


And Marc Carrel of the Ecology Action Centre explains how the privatization of the fishery has failed our fish stocks and our coastal communities, and why community equity and public rights must be enshrined in fisheries policy.


The March issue also documents the state of poverty in the province and argues for "an all-out assault on illiteracy, which undercuts the province's one-eyed claim to be a smart province."


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