[Sust-mar] Oxfam Sows Seeds of Change at the Halifax Farmers Market - Saturday, May 24th and 31st- rain or shine

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Oxfam Sows Seeds of Change at the Halifax Farmers Market
Saturday, May 24th and 31st- rain or shine
The Oxfam table will be located outside, across the street from the main
entrance of the market

Oxfam will be sowing "seeds of change" by distributing sunflower seeds,
gathering signatures for our "Public Services for All" campaign, and showing
solidarity for women and girls in the Global South through a "Pail Walker"

Solidarity for Women and Girls!

In many countries, women and girls haul 20 litres of water six kilometres a
day just to meet basic household needs. For millions of women and girls this
exhausting task is the only way their families will have water to cook, to
clean, to bathe or, most importantly, to drink. Challenge yourself to carry
20 L of water for a few minutes as an act of solidarity with women and girls
around the world. 

Why Sunflower Seeds?

The sunflower is one of nature's most useful and versatile plants. First
domesticated by Native Americans, it's been used for centuries for food,
oil, and medical purposes. Seeds are one of the sunflower's most obvious
features. And seeds, in many respects, are what Oxfam Canada's work is all
about. They symbolize our focus on women's rights and self-sufficiency. Did
you know that most of the world's farmers are women? Seeds are the best
example of how the world's people can come to help themselves.

Of course, it takes more than seeds to grow the food people need to eat, or
the drought resistant indigenous trees that can stop soil erosion. That's
where your support comes in. 
. Become a member-
. Make a donation- http://www.oxfam.ca/what-you-can-do/make-a-donation
. Take Action- http://www.oxfam.ca/what-you-can-do/take-action 

For more information:
Corrie Melanson & Janet Rhymes
Oxfam Canada
Public Engagement, Advocacy, and Campaigns Officers
2099 Gottingen St., Halifax, NS
halifax at oxfam.ca


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