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Cheryl Ratchford energy at ecologyaction.ca
Thu Nov 13 15:01:34 EST 2008

Greetings to all concerned about climate change,


Please go to  <http://www.kyotoplus.ca/en/petition.html>
http://www.kyotoplus.ca/en/petition.html and sign the KYOTOplus petition.


KYOTOplus is a nationally coordinated,  non-partisan petition drive to build
positive momentum and political will in order to ensure that Canada assumes
a responsible role and position in United Nations climate change talks.  It
also calls for a credible national policy plan to reduce Canada's greenhouse
gas emissions here at home.  Organizations and people from all walks of life
and every sector are being encouraged to sign the "KYOTOplus Petition for
Concerned Canadians."  The campaign will continue through next year until
December 2009 when the next global agreement will be signed in Copenhagen,


It has to be emphasized that KYOTOplus relies on very broad pick-up
throughout Canada for its success.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED  SO THAT


There are two KYOTOplus tools:  the "Pledge for Canadian Politicians" and
the "Petition for Concerned Canadians."(attached).  The text is virtually
identical.  There are about 30 partner organizations so far and roughly
20,000 signatures collected.  The "Pledge for Canadian Politicians" has been
signed by all federal party leaders except Stephen Harper and by 490
candidates during the election.  The ultimate goal is to sign up the
majority of MPs and deliver a public consensus statement to the government
in Copenhagen as represented by one million signatures!


There are two ways to get involved.  


Individuals:  Sign the petition and then spread the word to everyone you
know to sign it too! 


Organizations:  Go to www.kyotoplus.ca and join the KYOTOplus partnership.
Participants use the KYOTOplus logo on related communications materials, and
post the petition on their websites.  Signatures are collected and a running
tall sent to ruth at kyotoplus.ca.   They also incorporate the petition into
their work plans (e.g. at tabling event, speaking opportunities etc).
Groups can choose not to collect signatures but support the initiative by
posting a link from their websites to www.kyotoplus.ca.   This is
essentially a re-routing site where visitors are directed to organizations
which are collecting signatures.  


Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to find answers
for them.  Good luck KYOTOplus.




Cheryl Ratchford

Energy Coordinator

EcologyAction Center

2705 Fern Lane

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3K 4L3

P: (902) 442-0199

F: (902) 405-3716

E: energy at ecologyaction.ca 



Are you a member of the EAC?


We need your support to continue our work.




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