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Wed Sep 3 15:14:27 EDT 2008

Welcome and please feel free to join us for the first in our fall series of Social Forums.

On Sunday September 7, we will be hosting author Mike Nickerson and activist Donna Dillman for a discussion on sustainability..

The message our guests will bring with which they hope to engage discussion is that: 

    “One by one, people are realizing that human activity cannot grow forever on a finite planet. When enough people understand this, the conventional wisdom will shift. It will move from:
    " Our purpose is to expand production and consumption," to, " Our purpose is to enjoy living while managing the planet for generations to come."

Mike, a long-time sustainability educator and author of Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay," along with his wife, Donna, the uranium activist who went 68 days without food last fall to protest exploration near their home in eastern Ontario, are visiting over
two dozen communities in the Maritimes this month.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. with pot luck wine and hors d'oeuvres (please bring something to share) followed by a presentation and discussion.
We hope to see you!


Phil and Nancy

 Phil Ferraro and Nancy Willis
Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd.
114 Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown 
Prince Edward Island Canada  C1A 4S3
"Restoring Community, Protecting the Land and Informing the Earth’s Stewards"


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