[Sust-mar] Cool Truro eco-fair! Sept. 12-13

Andy O'Brien solarhomes at ecologyaction.ca
Fri Sep 5 08:06:10 EDT 2008

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Subject: Cool Truro eco-fair! Sept. 12-13 

  Cool Truro is a campaign and contest to reduce electricity use.  As the 
earth heats up, and energy and fuel sources burn up, we’re doing 
something cool.  We’re cutting costs and carbon together in Truro.  
The project is being lead by the Living Earth Council with support from the 
Town of Truro,CORDA, Conserve Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Power, and the 
federal Eco-Action program.  We’re launching Cool Truro at a community 
rally on Friday September 12, 7 pm, at CEC at Lorne St., Truro.  This will 
be a variety evening of cool comedy, music, and presentations.  Guests 
include Gavin Crawford (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, How Do You Solve a Problem 
Like Maria?),Tamara Fifield (our Maria top contender), plus some top 
musicians with Truro connections. Truro’s first-ever Eco-information 
Fair will also take place at CEC on Friday the 12th of Sept. from 6 -10 pm, 
and Saturday the 13th from 10 am to 3 pm.  Organizations such as Conserve 
Nova Scotia and the Ecology Action Centre will be there.  Workshops for both 
residents and businesses will be offered.  These will cover energy 
efficiency tips and incentives.  We also would like to provide space at the 
Eco-Fair for local organizations and businesses with an eco-achievement, 
service, or product to offer.  This is a great chance to let local folks in 
on your efforts to green things up and cool things down. There is no charge 
for participating in the Eco-Fair; but there is a request: we ask not only 
that your business or organization join us for the launch rally, but that 
you register for the Cool Truro power reduction plan and pledge.  Details 
can be found at www.cooltruro.ca.  To take part or hear more, please call 
Debby or Mark at 896-0184 or e-mailm.austin at xplornet.com.

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