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Prince Edward Island Social Forums

The Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd. (IBS), invites you to join our Tuesday Night Social Forums; 114 Upper Prince Street. Each event begins at 7:00 p.m. and includes a presentation followed by informal discussion. There is no fee however, participants are asked to bring something for potluck supper to share during the discussion. The intent is to build a community action network by sharing ideas and informing each other about issues affecting our future.

Please note that forum dates may be subject to change. Call (902-367-0390) to confirm the date, and your participation.

October 1 - Red, Orange, Green, Block and Bluised Again
Orange you glad we can get over being Blue ‘cause we were seeing Red
when they tried to Block us from getting a Green house. Watch the
Canadian political leadership debates and have fun discussing how the outcome may
impact our goal of enhancing sustainablity and social justice in Canada

Oct 6 - Green City Charlottetown
In 1996, IBS hosted an Eco-Cities forum in Charlottetown that attracted
planners, academics and activists from North America, Europe and Africa.
The following year IBS co-director Nancy Willis, was the official
reporter at the International Eco-cities Conference in Yoff, Senegal.
Charlottetown is now in a position of having to put forward a
sustainablility plan, that the federal government requires to qualify for 
infrastructure finding. All municipalities on PEI are supposed to have this 
completed by April 2009. Doug Deacon, Sustainable Development Coordinator, 
for Stratford, PEI will be facilitate discussion on creating a, ‘Green-City Plan for Charlottetown.

Oct 16 - Measuring Genuine Progress
Can we create a genuinely sustainable economy? An economy that delivers
prosperity without damaging the most valuable things on earth - like
clean air and water, fertile soil, nurturing families, strong and vital

Ron Colman, Director of Genuine Progress Atlantic conducts research,
which measures environmental, economic and social progress and wealth,
and to assists leaders in business, government and communities in using
the GPI perspective in their decision-making.

“To build a sustainable economy,” he says, “We need tools of analysis
that properly value social, economic and environmental assets, tools
that carefully appraise both costs and benefits, and balance them
against one another. That's what's known as "full-cost accounting.”
And that's what the Genuine Progress Index is designed to provide.

Oct 28 - Preparing for the Peak on Prince Edward Island

Tonight Dave Barrett provides an overview of global crude oil supplies,
theory of Peak Oil, mitigation and development strategies for PEI (food
security, transportation, housing, electricity, manufacturing,
education, role of government, emerging opportunities).

Dave’s professional experience includes public and private sector
organizations including legislative, provincial, federal, Crown,
academic and industry, with significant research, communications,
environment and educational experience.

Dave is also a former lecturer at the University of Prince Edward Island
specializing in environmental economics and ecological design. He is
also known as one of the key players that delivered the island wide
Waste Watch program during 1999-2002, and is remembered by many in the
community as Dr. Herb Dickieson's former Chief of Staff in the
legislature during the late nineties. One of Dave's most interesting
accomplishments was his Permaculture certification in 1996 through the
Institute of Bioregional Studies.

 Phil Ferraro and Nancy Willis
Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd.
114 Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown 
Prince Edward Island Canada  C1A 4S3
"Restoring Community, Protecting the Land and Informing the Earth’s Stewards"

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