[Sust-mar] Calling all young nature lovers! Free young naturalists club for children 8 years and up

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Wed Sep 17 10:36:04 EDT 2008

The Young Naturalists Club provides an opportunity for children 8 years
old and up to connect with nature in a fun and informative way. Club
members learn about the natural world from hands-on experiences and
interactions with mentors and experts in natural history. The Club meets
once a month for indoor meetings (at the Museum of Natural History, in
Halifax), and have a least one field trip per month (usually within a
half hour drive of Halifax). 
- The YNC meets every third Saturday morning of the month (during the
school year). The next meeting is this Saturday Sept 20th. Our guest
speaker will reveal the Wonders of Wetlands.

- Meetings take place from 10:00am to 11:30am (please arrive at 10:00am
sharp!). Meeting location is the Project Room (lower floor) of the
Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax. You can enter
from the door closest to the parking lot.

- At meeting, members are invited to describe Nature Observations. A
Nature Observation can be anything a member has seen in nature in the
past month (e.g., a bird in the backyard, a deer in garden, a sea star
at the beach). In addition to describing what was seen, it is also super
helpful to describe the time of day that it was spotted, what it was
doing, etc. Sometimes it helps members to write down their observation
before the come to a YNC meeting (how about in a field note book?!).

- After Nature Observations and Announcements, we hear from fascinating
guest speakers. These speakers are experts from the natural history or
science community, and prepare a special talk (and often activities too)
for the YNC. We're very privileged to have them.

- Field trips usually take place the fourth Sunday afternoon of the
month, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Families are welcome to meet a half hour
before the trip (12:30pm) at the Museum's parking lot in order to
carpool. Most field trips are to locations within a half hour drive of
Halifax. They are also lead by generous leaders from the natural history
community.Our field trip on September 28th will be to a near by wetland
(Belcher's Marsh). Wetlands are sometimes called "the kidneys of the
planet." Why is that? If you know the answer, and tell us at this week's
meeting, you will get a prize! (for members, aka "kids" only)

- For field trips, please register with Karen McKendry, the YNC
Coordinator, if your family would like to go. Young naturalists go out
in all weather... well, not dangerous weather... which is why it is
important to let me know if your family intends to attend. If the
forecast for a field trip is that the weather will be dangerously
unpleasant, the field trip will be cancelled the morning of the trip.
Otherwise, dress for the weather.

- Members may be left a meeting or field trip without a parent or
guardian. For new members, a parent our guardian should stay for the
first meeting and field trip, to see how things go (also,
parents/guardians often learn a lot of neat stuff too). There are always
YNC Leaders (between three and five) present to supervise members.

For dates, times, themes, and details of meetings and field trips, feel
free to visit our website:
http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Environment/FNSN/YNC/index.html. Details will
also be provided through a Parents Email List, including driving
directions for field trips.

Hope to see you this Saturday!

Contact: Karen McKendry
YNC Coordinator
yncns at yahoo.ca

"Young Naturalists Observe and Conserve"
- YNC motto 

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