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Launched in 2007 as The Nova Scotia Policy Review, this independent quarterly magazine has gained the respect of policy makers, community advocates and concerned citizens, and its independent reporting has been cited as evidence in the provincial legislature and in municipal chambers. Now in its third year, the magazine is changing its name to Coastlands: The Maritimes Policy Review, becoming the only regional magazine devoted to sustainable development, independent journalism and critical reflection on social, cultural and environmental issues. 


Why the new name? 


Coastlands are contested spaces requiring complex and sensitive policy responses to preserve and share what is precious to us all. The name underscores the fact that we're bound together in a shared environment and we need collaborative, careful and just responses to our natural and cultural resources. Coastlands extends its editorial horizon beyond the coastline, however. It surveys emerging ideas across a broad spectrum of public policy concerns - including agriculture, coastal management, crime, culture (especially indigenous culture), democracy, disabilities, education, energy, environment, ethics, freedom of information, government, health, industry, justice, labour, language, law reform, literacy, media, mental health, natural resources, poverty, rural development, social policy and statecraft.   


Under the new title the magazine will offer an even richer selection of digests, short articles, essays, book reviews, maps, cartoons, comment, statistics and satire. Coastlands will continue to tackle politics, culture and justice with style and spark, as it searches for sustainable solutions to pressing problems. 


Coastlands: The Maritimes Policy Review is published quarterly by Finest Point Periodicals Limited in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. For inquiries, submissions or subscriptions, please email Rachel Brighton at editor at policyreview.ca or visit www.coastlands.ca

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