[Sust-mar] VOTE: Climate alarm: September 21st

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Not sure if we can forward posts through sust-mar.... but this  
campaign will be an important one.
Avaaz is an amazing organization!


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> From: "Ben Wikler - Avaaz.org" <avaaz at avaaz.org>
> Date: August 27, 2009 7:29:04 AM ADT
> Subject: Climate alarm: September 21st
> Dear friends,
> On climate, it's now or never. We have just over 100 days left to  
> reach a new global treaty to avert climate disaster (and unleash a  
> new green economy) -- but we're nowhere near getting it done.
> We have a choice to make: should we pull out all the stops this  
> month to beat climate change?
> Avaaz is considering a massive, network-wide push for a "global  
> wake-up call" to world leaders on September 21st. This would be the  
> biggest organizing effort we've ever done, aiming to bring our  
> whole network out (peacefully!) to the streets, ringing alarms,  
> holding massive rallies in major cities, and gathering to send wake- 
> up messages from schools, homes, and public squares. From all these  
> places, we would flood world leaders with phone calls, and the  
> actual sound of these millions of voices would be recorded,  
> condensed and presented to heads of state at the UN climate summit  
> in New York the next day.
> If we do this, Avaaz will spend the next 4 weeks almost non-stop on  
> it, and it will take hundreds of thousands of us joining efforts to  
> pull it together -- hosting and attending events, reaching out to  
> our communities, using all our creativity and dedication. This is  
> an important decision, and we need to make it together. From now  
> until September 21 -- should we do it?
> The goal of our wake-up call is a big one: to convince the world's  
> leaders to meet at the final climate talks in Copenhagen this  
> December and sign an ambitious, fair and binding treaty to stop  
> catastrophic climate change.
> Talks on the treaty have been building for years. Now, 100 days  
> from Copenhagen, we're nearing a tipping point -- and a huge global  
> roar could make the difference.
> If we take this on, we won't be alone. Avaaz has been working  
> closely with a new, massive coalition of global civil society  
> groups, from Oxfam to WWF to Greenpeace, to multiply the world's  
> voices for climate action. The joint campaign's name is Tck Tck Tck  
> -- the sound of a ticking clock, as time runs short. Every group  
> involved shares the vision of success in Copenhagen, and we can't  
> succeed without everyone. The question is -- should Avaaz make this  
> climate wake-up call its #1 priority through September 21?
> Yes, make climate the #1 priority
> No, continue on as before
> It has been said that if the people lead, the leaders will follow.  
> This is our time to lead. Politicians know as well as we do that  
> it's time for action on climate change, but they fear the  
> consequences of doing what's right. Let's show them they've got it  
> backwards: the world will settle for nothing less than the right  
> thing.
> It's our decision: whether to wake up the world.
> With hope,
> Ben, Ricken, Taren, Iain, Alice, Paula, Graziela, and the whole  
> Avaaz team
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