[Sust-mar] What is Plan C? Grassroots conference coming up soon!

Nicole Arsenault nicole.arsenault at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 21:13:17 EST 2009

Hello - My apologies. The correct date for the "What is Plan C?" Conference
is Feb. 21st.


Here is the corrected invite:

February 4, 2009


 Conference Announcement:

*What Is Plan C?*

Looking beyond the status quo to engage the power of community to prepare
for and respond to climate change, decreasing energy supplies and economic

*Sat. Feb. 21 10am-6pm at Exhibition Hall, Medjuck Building, DalTech, Spring
Garden Rd.*

Since it has become increasingly clear that the trajectories of climate
change, diminishing energy supplies, and economic meltdown will before long
impact and disrupt our societies in perhaps negative and uncertain ways, it
seems logical to question whether contingency plans exist. We know that
certain civil agencies (e.g. the Red Cross) have some disaster plans; we all
by now accept insurance as a type of disaster plan, and of course most of us
don't question the logic of seat-belts or lifejackets. The point, of course,
is that we all at some level acknowledge that situations can turn nasty
sometimes, and so we prepare. And yet apart from, for example, a 72 hour
home emergency kit, perhaps stocking up the pantry and getting a generator,
and expecting that "they" will rescue us in time of need, what else might we
do? This question of how we can make long-term plans in times of uncertainty
is the premise of the "What is Plan C?" conference.

If Plan A represents a status quo or business as usual approach (i.e. no
change), and Plan B represents a backup plan for keeping Plan A going, then
Plan C is looking to something else all together, where the focus is on real
change, looking ahead, and responsible planning. During this short
conference, we will begin the discussion of "What is Plan C?" and "What will
it look like for me, my family and my community?" Following the lead of The
Community Solution group in Ohio, the "C" in Plan C denotes *curtailment*, *
community*, and *cooperation*. We would also add *creativity* to that list,
as it is also necessary for envisioning a more resilient and flexible way of

This one day conference is not about "experts" offering fixes, but, rather,
it is about opening and stimulating public conversation of these real and
important issues, with the suggestion that we could actually empower
ourselves as individuals and groups to act in response to threats to our
security. By utilizing focussing modalities such as World Cafe, talking
circles, and panel discussion, we will create a space wherein concerned
people can exchange perspectives through conversation, and perhaps be moved
to action (and have some fun too!).

Cost is: $25 with lunch (catered by Local Source)/ $10 BYOLunch

To register, please send an email to: plancns at gmail.com

Registration deadline: Feb. 16, 2009


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