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                         Public Service Announcement

                         Annual Sable Island Update

                        7:00-9:30, March 4^th, 2009
                   What's been happening on Sable Island?

   Do you want to know what researchers have been doing on Sable Island
   over the last year and how the Island and its facilities are faring?
   The fifth annual Sable Island update will take place at 7:00-9:30,
   Wednesday March 4^th at the Sobey Building, Saint Mary's University.
   Join us for four illustrated talks and a reception.

   For more information go to [1]www.greenhorsesociety.com or call the
   Ecology Action Centre at 429-5287 (Mark Butler).


   Sable Island Update

   7:00-9:30, Wednesday, March 4^th, 2009

   Room 201, Sobey Building, Saint Mary's University


   Paul Catling, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on flora and fauna.

   Don Bowen, Department of Fisheries and Oceans on seals.

   Cal Ross, Oil and Gas Consultant on oil and gas activity.

   Zoe Lucas on Sable Island.

   Mark Butler

   Policy Director


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   1. http://www.greenhorsesociety.com/

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