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- suitable for internships or for older professionals seeking new skills

Position: 4 Job Experience Interns

Organization: Falls Brook Centre http://www.fallsbrookcentre.ca

Location: Knowlesville, New Brunswick

Please see our website http://www.fallsbrookcentre.ca 

for more details on our organization.

1. Application Details

2. Description of Job Experience Internships

3. Prerequisites and General Qualifications

4. General Activities and Information for all Job Experience internships

5. What you should expect

6. Postings




To apply, please send all applications by email:

c/o Jean Arnold, Executive Director

Email: ja at fallsbrookcentre.ca

Applications will only be accepted by e-mail. Applicants

should electronically provide a cover letter, indicating the

position(s) in which they are interested and highlighting

their qualifications for this position, along with a resume

and 2 references. Please indicate in your cover letter your

earliest possible start date.

While Falls Brook Centre appreciates all applications, only

those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 

If you have not been contacted within one month of application 

deadline please assume that we have chosen other candidates 

for this round of internships.

Deadline: Immediately and Hiring until positions are filled.




The goal of this project is to give and build upon work

experience in a non-profit organization based in a rural

area of New Brunswick, and to develop skills in the fields

of international cooperation and sustainable community

development. Successful applicants will start and finish

their work experience in rural New Brunswick at Falls Brook

Centre. These positions require determined, self-starting

individuals who are willing to work in a team sometimes

under difficult conditions and unpredictable circumstances.

The successful applicant will be given a moderate financial

stipend to cover living expenses and a unique opportunity 

to gain experience in an international environment.

Falls Brook Centre is based on 400 acres of farm and forest

land in Carleton County, New Brunswick. While the

organization is a formal not for profit organization, we are

located within an area where people are trying to create 

and develop a sustainable rural village.




- Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant able to work in


- Be a graduate of a college or university; or equivalent

work experience

General Qualifications for all Internships:

- Proven ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team

environment as well as unsupervised under stressful

conditions with minimal resources and achieve results;

- Ability to learn quickly and on your own initiative, a

highly motivated self-starter; Creative problem solving 

and lateral thinking skills.

- Understanding and experience in working on sustainability

and environmental issues;

- Proven computer skills including Word, e-mail, and


- Initiative to create own projects during gaps between

assigned projects;

- Must be available to travel and work on a few evenings

and week-ends;

- An ability to be flexible in new situations and to deal

well with change;

- Excellent health and fitness;

- Some previous travel or overseas study experience would

be a strong asset;

- Ability to work in rustic conditions while in Canada

- Having a sense of humour is an asset, as is the ability

to 'go with the moment.'

- Able to speak and write in Spanish




To ensure the cohesiveness of Falls Brook Centre staff and

interns, general activities for all interns at Falls Brook

Centre include:

- Assisting in the maintenance of the Acadian Forest

restoration nursery;

- Delivering tours of Falls Brook Centre to the public;

- General office duties, developing organizational skills;

- Maintaining various signed nature trails; and

- Assisting in the production of certified-organic food.

Work Schedule and Stipend:

Falls Brook Centre: 16 weeks

Work time overseas: 20 weeks

Please note: This schedule is very fluid and is subject to

change, (i.e., the intern may spend only 2 weeks at Falls

Brook Centre before travelling overseas, but the intern

would spend the remaining 10 weeks at Falls Brook Centre

upon their return).

Stipend: $200 per week. EI and CPP contributions will be

deducted from the stipend during work time in Canada.

Living Expenses: Please note you will be required to pay a

weekly room and board rental fee to Falls Brook Centre, if

you choose to live on-site. Accommodation Costs at Falls

Brook Centre (includes a basic, furnished room, heat,

electricity, and water):

May 1 - September 15: $65/week, 

September 16 - April 30: $80/week

Food Expenses: All interns are part of the following food

structure. We live in a remote rural environment and try to

supply as much food as possible from our own organic

gardens, further supplemented by local organic products.

This is part of our ongoing effort to support a local,

sustainable food system.

All-You-Can-Eat organic gardens (vegetables, berries,

herbs, flowers) supplies access to on-site, in-season fresh

organic produce. After the main harvest, this also includes

access to winter storage foods. Prices are adjusted to

seasonal availability: $12/wk all year. All interns on site

during this timeframe are automatically a part of this


$7/week for Whole Foods Co-op (WFC) (year-round). All

interns are automatically a part of this system while

on-site at FBC. This supplies weekly access to grains,

pastas, flours, oils, nuts, peanut butter, laundry detergent

and dish soap, among other essential goods. Selection is

subject to availability.

$8/meal for FBC optional lunches. These are offered about 

1 day/week, but you will be told in advance when they are

available and have the option to sign up for lunch on that

day. Otherwise you are responsible for bringing a prepared

lunch to eat.

Any food items not included in the organic gardens or WFC

will be bought by the intern.

Interns are also responsible for paying for all living

expenses while overseas. Costs will vary according to

country and job location.

These internships cannot be seen as a money-making venture

or salaried position -- the stipend you receive is to help

offset your costs of living only. It is recommended that you

have additional funds to provide yourself with any

entertainment, communication and extracurricular activities.

In return, you will be placed with a leading and highly

respected organization to gain valuable work experience and

skills for your future employment endeavours. If you have a

student loan, it may be possible to defer payment during the

course of your internship but you should check that out in

advance before applying.

Supervision at Falls Brook Centre: Jean Arnold (Executive

Director) and interns will also work closely with a Staff

mentor who is the program coordinator for their area of


Work Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, although

there may be occasional evening and weekend work required.




Falls Brook Centre staffs are working towards the

development of sustainable communities both in Canada and

internationally. We are focussed on Biodiversity

Restoration, Organic Agriculture, Renewable Energy and

Community Development. The time working with FBC and our

Southern partners will be an intense learning experience.

The value is really in what you can apply yourself to and

what you take away with you. Your job descriptions may vary

throughout your internship and you will be expected to "work

to task" based on the needs of FBC and your overseas host.

You can expect to perform many fundamental tasks; you will

be part of a vibrant living and cooperating experience. In

so doing, you will be forming a critical part of what it

takes to run a non-profit organization and to seek ways to

mitigate the challenges that are ahead of us in our rapidly

changing world.

You can also expect plenty of job satisfaction, strong

friendships and the opportunity to work closely with a team

in an international setting. You also have the added benefit

of working/living in an exciting and innovative setting with

like minded individuals. You will be working with highly

skilled, motivated non-governmental organizations faced with

challenging situations. You will be trained in many aspects

of being an effective environmental advocate and you should

expect to spend a very full eight months requiring time,

energy, productivity and a perspective willing to be

challenged and engaged.

It is important that you are aware of these conditions

before you apply. On completing the internship, you will

have solid, employable skills training and will have been

engaged in planning your future job exposure.

Internships at Falls Brook Centre are designed to improve

the knowledge, skills, and experience of professionals and

to increase their options for career choices after the

internship, or to take advantage of early retirement or post

retirement changes in a focused environment. During the job

experience, interns will be exposed to a wide variety of

people, and training sessions, both in Canada and overseas.

Work is conducted in Canada and overseas to improve

awareness of the linkages between national and international

issues, and to give the opportunity to share and apply

learned skills with overseas partner organizations, and to

equally learn from the partner organizations own experience.

Understanding the Canadian context is very important for

understanding and working within the international context.

This program links work in Canada towards community

sustainability with similar efforts overseas. Falls Brook is

located in a rural environment. We try to "live simply, so

that others may simply live". You must have the ability to

feel comfortable with wood heat, spring water, lots of

physical outdoor labour (including cleaning outhouses on

occasion!) and a rural living experience.




1. Appropriate Technology and Climate Change Intern: Canada and Nicaragua

Location: Canada - Managua & Somoto, Nicaragua

Partner: Grupo Fenix

Mandate: Grupo Fenix's primary goal is to research, develop

and apply appropriate, renewable energy technologies in

Nicaragua, and also to assist other countries in Central

America in this work.

Grupo Fenix has the following objectives:

To conduct practical research into appropriate energy


To support community self-determination and local

responsibility for the projects

To increase the technical skill level and employability of

local people

To improve health and living standards of families and


To preserve natural resources.

Job Description:

In Canada:

A. Assisting with Appropriate Technology programming and

Energy Conservation and Efficiency Audits in the community.

B. Understanding and communicating technical details and

policies related to bio-fuels, net-metering and off-grid

renewable energy systems.

C. Performing basic maintenance, repair, installation and

upgrade of renewable energy systems and demonstrations.

D. Helping to coordinate events and tours of the Climate

Change Bus -- Our climate change and renewable energy mobile

demonstration centre.

E. Designing and delivering educational materials and

workshops on climate change and renewable energy/energy

conservation in the community at schools and public events.

F. Working with community partners to promote greenhouse gas.


A. Assist Grupo Fenix with workshop development,

construction and follow up for initiatives related to

appropriate technology and climate change -- particularly

for solar rural electrification initiatives

B. Assist with the implementation of income generation

activities for beneficiaries and rural communities related

to appropriate technology and community agriculture. Develop

training materials and manuals for training and workshop


C. Assist with implementation of community-scale rainwater

harvesting methodologies and liaise with the Global

Rainwater Harvesting Collective on community assessment

tools and best practices.

D. Assist with other project activities related to solar

energy training, education, and income generation for rural



Working knowledge of Spanish required.

Degree in engineering, environmental studies/sciences,

community/international development;

Experience and/or knowledge working appropriate technology

or renewable energy;

Experience developing educational materials an asset;

Ability to drive a large school bus or large vehicles an

asset; (note: in order to drive the bus our insurance

requires you be over 25 years of age).


2. Local Forest Restoration Facilitator: Canada and Honduras.

Location: Atlantida Honduras.

Partner: Mancomunidad de Municipios del Centro de Atlantida

(MAMUCA) and Atlantida Model Forest.

Mandate: Atlántida Model Forest has committed itself to

using a participatory decision making framework as a way to

facilitate sustainable resource management. Atlántida Model

Forest has a commitment to provide mechanisms for the local

decision-makers to be better informed about land-use

planning and resource-use in the Atlántida Model Forest.

Currently The Atlantida Model Forest in La Ceiba is

implementing an Analog Forestry -- Biodiversity Restoration


Job Description:

In Canada:

A. Assist with Falls Brook Centre's forestry program;

B. Explore opportunities for woodlot owners to diversify

forest values;

C. Liaise with academia and government agencies on current

social forestry related research and assist in the

dissemination of current findings within the New Brunswick


D. Work to develop and maintain Acadian Forest Nursery and

forest trails.

E. Research Community Forestry potential and the

applicability to New Brunswick context.

F. Seed collection and propagation


A. Assist Atlantida MF with developing their landscape

restoration plans.

B. Assist with the planning of project activities related

to restoration site identification and establishment

C. Assist with consultations with Model Forest stakeholders

related to forest landscape restoration.

D. Assist with other project activities related to Model

Forest Analog Forestry training, education, and income

generation for rural peoples


Working knowledge of Spanish required.

Degree in forestry, biology, geography, international

development, environmental science / studies, non-timber

forest products or resource management.

Some understanding and/or experience in certification, NTFP

management and management plans;

Experience developing environmental educational materials

an asset;

Some forest/field experience an asset


3. Biodiversity Restoration Facilitator in Cojimar and Guantanamo

Location: Havana and Guantanamo, Cuba.

Partner: Instituto de Investigaciones Forestales (IIF).

a) Mandate: The IIF is in charge of providing solutions for

the problems of the forestry sector in Cuba and is the

leading forestry research institution on the island. The IIF

and FBC currently collaborate on the project Biodiversity

Restoration and Community Development in the Eastern

Province of Guantanamo, which intends to trigger sustainable

agro-forestry operations among small woodlot owners.

Job Description:

In Canada:

A. Assist Professional Forester with on-going Crown lands


B. Gain familiarity with the Analog Forestry Network at the

local and regional levels.

C. Assist Professional Forester with Analog Forestry

Network policy initiatives and stakeholder consultation;

D. Work with Wetland Coordinator in wetland restoration

E. Assist with tours of groups coming to FBC for

educational purposes


A. Nursery and woodlot research, development, and


B. Aid with on-going forestry research on IIF projects;

C. Development and delivery of Environmental Education and

outreach Material

D. Research and development of economic opportunities and

value-added products (soap-making, furniture making, food



Working knowledge of Spanish required.

Degree in forestry, biology, geography, international

development, environmental science / studies, non-timber

forest products or resource management.

Some understanding and/or experience in certification, NTFP

management and management plans;

Experience developing environmental educational materials

an asset;


4. Organic Agriculture Biodiversity Restoration Technician 

Canada and Mexico.  Location: Chapingo, Mexico.

Partner: CIESTAAM.

This organization focuses on the development of local

organic markets across Mexico. . Its main areas of

activities are: asssitaing the set up of markets, providing

technical expertise to market vendors to get their organic

certification and holding meetings and workshops related to

Organic integrity. In addition they work at a Policy level

within the Agriculture dept. in Mexico. CIESTAAM and Falls

Brook Centre currently collaborate in the Organic Markets

project in Mexico

Job Description:

In Canada:

A. Assist FBC Organic Agriculture coordinator with

maintenance of FBC OCIA Certification

B. Assist with the organic gardens at FBC (seeding,

weeding, harvesting and storage);

C. Assist in delivery of the FBC Food Miles program for

local schools and institutions.

D. Develop educational materials as needed related to

Organic Agriculture and marketing


A. Support the development of Organic Markets in Mexico

B. Develop resources related to Participatory


C. Assist with database of producers

D. Develop posters of producers for promotional activities

Assist markets with press releases and other PR


Working knowledge of Spanish required.

Degree in agriculture, biology, geography, environmental

science / studies, or related field experience;

Experience developing environmental educational materials

an asset;


Jean Arnold

Executive Director

Falls Brook Centre

ja at fallsbrookcentre.ca


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