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Dear Sustainable Maritimes - could you add this to your next one if
there's room please? Thanks! Gina

Free Workshops on Conservation from Clean Nova Scotia
For February and March, 2009

Choose one of the following: 

o   Driving Wiser- Participants will learn about the direct and indirect
effects of driving and what they can do to get from 'a' to 'b' using the
least amount of fuel possible.  There are ways of buying and driving a
car that can save you up to $2000 and ensure you are helping to keep the
planet healthy.

o  Transportation: The Big Picture -We depend highly on our vehicles.
Why is this an issue and what can we do about it? Find out in this
participatory and hands on workshops.

o   Energy: A Life Cycle Macromodel - Students get the opportunity to
explore the concept of energy by expelling their own!  This fun and very
interactive workshop gets students moving while they examine the life
cycle of oil, from extraction to use.  The purpose is to evaluate the
energy involved and to learn about the ways we can decrease our
dependency on fuel.

After these workshops, you will be armed with a fuel log, a tire gauge
and the tools to become a pro eco-driver.
For lunch & learns, staff development days, classrooms, assemblies, etc.

Book yours now! Contact Gina Patterson at 902.420.8802 or
Patterson at clean.ns.ca.

Gina Patterson
Program Coodinator for DriveWiseR

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Today's Topics:

   1. Workshop: Energy Efficiency at Home (Katie Friars)
   2. Green Drinks - January 28th (Green Drinks)
   3. Solar Nova Scotia Members & Friends Survey!! (Daniel MacKay)
   4. WildernessAid Events Feb. 3rd and March 6th (Laura)
   5. Energy efficient building expert, Rob Dumont, to give
      presentations in Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton (Tracy
   6. Sharing Nature Training and Retreat, May 3-8, 2009 (J. Barlow)
   7. EAC Event (Zak Miller)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 14:26:08 -0400
From: Katie Friars <katie.friars at capejourimain.org>
Subject: [Sust-mar] Workshop: Energy Efficiency at Home
To: <sust-mar at list.web.net>
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Energy Efficiency at Home
How to Build Changes, Save Energy, and Use Renewables
February 6 & 7 
Join EOS Eco-Energy/ ?co-?nergie Inc. in a workshop designed to help
homeowners and individuals interested in building a new home look at
energy usage.  Starting with basics of why we need to save energy,
participants will explore what can be done in existing homes,
for new construction, and how to introduce renewable energy sources.
dynamic team of Woody Thompson (Fundy Solar Design and Installation) and
Eric Tusz-King (EnerGreen Builders Co-operative) has shown leadership in
Maritimes by helping owners reduce the ecological footprint of their
buildings and save on energy bills.
Location:            Mount Allison University, Avard-Dixon Building
Time:                  Friday, Feb. 6th       7PM - 8:30PM  (Open to the
                           Saturday, Feb. 7th    9AM ? 5PM
Fee:                    $70 for individuals or $120 for couples

Beverages and snacks will be provided, but please bring a box lunch or
at one of the local restaurants or takeouts.
For more information and registration forms, please contact Katie Friars
phone at (506) 360-0063 or email, katie.friars at capejourimain.org.
For more information on EOS Eco-Energy/ ?co-?nergie, please visit our
website: http://www.eos-eco.net
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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 15:42:12 -0400
From: Green Drinks <greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com>
Subject: [Sust-mar] Green Drinks - January 28th
	<d91d72080901221142n7527372era55cc7667ba1fec3 at mail.gmail.com>
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Hi Green Drinkers,

Join us in our new location, the Henry House on Wednesday January 28th
7-10pm.  The Henry House is located on Barrington Street in Halifax and
will be in the bar on the lower level.  Bring your thirst and an
appetite if
you choose.  Your drinks and food are on you - isn't that nice of you?

Green Drinks is a monthly gathering open to everyone 19 years of age and
above, way above.  If you are interested in evironmental issues and want
meet some new people in the community please consider joining us.

This message is brought to you by your friendly Green Drink Organizers:
Kari, Derek, Natalie and Charlene


Message: 3
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 09:01:52 -0400
From: Daniel MacKay <daniel at bonmot.ca>
Subject: [Sust-mar] Solar Nova Scotia Members & Friends Survey!!
To: sust-mar at list.web.net
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Hello Solar Nova Scotia member or friend!

(if you're on our mailing list, you've already gotten this message-  
please disregard -- AFTER filling out the survey of course.)

Firstly, please plan to attend  the Solar Nova Scotia AGM on the  
evening of Thursday, MARCH 19!  We have something reaaaaaly big to  
show you!  Details will be out long before the AGM but in the  
meantime,  mark your calendars for the unveiling of this MAGNIFICENT  
new thing!

Now, the main event: I'm writing you today to ask you for some input  
into your society's focus.  Over the last couple of months, the Solar  
NS board has worked with a team of Dal School of Management students,  
who have created a survey and will crunch the resulting numbers for  
us. Thanks guys!

Now it's your turn!   Tell us what you want from Solar Nova Scotia!

The students have had done some surveying of the public and amongst  
themselves; now it's time to get input from members and friends of  
the society.  That also includes you if you're an employee of one of  
our corporate members, and also you if you're a friend of the society  
(or  a "future" member as I prefer to think of you.) In short, if you  
get this message, please fill out the survey!  It's not onerously  
long; it'll take you under ten minutes.  So, please - before noon on  
Tuesday (or better yet, right now!) fill it out.   Here is the link:


On behalf of the board, thanks for your input.

Daniel MacKay
Secretary, Solar Nova Scotia


Message: 4
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 09:16:54 -0400
From: Laura <simms.laura at gmail.com>
Subject: [Sust-mar] WildernessAid Events Feb. 3rd and March 6th
To: sust-mar at list.web.net
	<c2baf3cf0901230516y5d6482eaw128348b2ce795a04 at mail.gmail.com>
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Two incredible events. One incredible cause.
Event #1: Movie Night*
Forbidden Forest*
Tuesday, February 3rd
McNally Theatre Auditorium, Saint Mary's University
Admission by donation. All proceeds go to the Canadian Parks and
Society, Nova Scotia Chapter (CPAWS-NS)
*Reception starts at 6pm. Movie starts at 7pm*
Set in beautiful New Brunswick, the documentary Forbidden Forest follows
dedicated men on their mission to save the land they love from the
destructive path of the multinational logging company threatening their
forests. This is a **tale of corporate greed, lax government oversight
people passionate about the places they love.*

Join us at 6pm for refreshments and a chance to meet members of CPAWS
Scotia as they share details about their extensive efforts in wilderness
protection. This is also the perfect opportunity to speak to the
of the March 6th fundraiser group hike and pick up a registration
Last but not least, enter to win a $100 gift certificate from MEC,
steel water bottles, SMUES Better-Sided Notebooks, Campus Green Guides,
Just Us! Fair-trade/Organic Chocolate Bars. Prize ballots are only
during reception, so be sure to show up early!

*Event #2: Stay tuned for more information on the March 6th

For more info, contact Laura at saar_laura at hotmail.com

For more information about SMUES, your event organizers, email
smues at smu.caor visti

For more information on CPAWS, email cpawsns at cpawsns.org or visit:


Message: 5
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 15:56:19 -0400
From: Tracy Glynn <tracy at jatam.org>
Subject: [Sust-mar] Energy efficient building expert, Rob Dumont, to
	give  presentations in Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton
To: sust-mar at list.web.net
Message-ID: < at pop.jatam.org>
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Presentations by energy efficient building expert, Rob Dumont
January 26, 2009

Don?t miss your chance to attend an inspiring presentation about low
homes by energy efficiency expert, Rob Dumont!

Rob is well-known for his work on some truly inspiring demonstration 
projects?projects that provide us with a real vision for a low carbon 
future including the Canadian Advanced Houses Program, the Saskatchewan 
Advanced House, and the Factor 9 House (a home that uses 9 times less 
energy and 1/3 the water of a standard home built in the 1970s!)
he was also involved in the design of the Riverdale Net Zero home in 
Edmonton (a home that is projected to generate as much energy as it

Rob worked for the Saskatchewan Research Council for 18 years, and has
numerous awards for his ground-breaking work on designing low energy
He is a regular columnist for Solplan Review, and has over 50
in the areas of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and solar energy.

Presentations for the general public:

Saint John, January 26
Mary Oland Theatre
New Brunswick Museum, 7pm

Fredericton, January 27
Brian Mulroney Hall, Room 202
St. Thomas University, 7pm

Moncton, January 28
Lion?s Club 7pm
55 Mark Street

Lunch n? Learns for builders and tradespeople:

Fredericton, January 27
Crowne Plaza, 12-3:30

Moncton, January 28
Curling Beaus?jour, 12-3:30

*All sessions are free. Please call 458-8747, or e-mail 
efficiency at conservationcouncil.ca to register for the lunch n? learns.

Your environmental trust fund at work.


Message: 6
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 17:07:26 -0400
From: "J. Barlow" <j.barlow at ns.sympatico.ca>
Subject: [Sust-mar] Sharing Nature Training and Retreat, May 3-8, 2009
To: <sust-mar at list.web.net>
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Sharing Nature Training and Retreat, May 3-8, 2009

Joseph Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children, will offer a
Sharing Nature Training and Retreat, May 3-8, 2009, in the foothills of
Sierra Nevada in Northern California. Joseph will be giving the
workshop sessions:

-Using "Flow Learning" for dynamic teaching and life-changing
-Joy in Nature activities for feeling serenity and a joyous connection
with life
-Sharing Nature activities for children and adults
-How to Be an Inspiring Teacher-bringing out the best in others and
-A John Muir living history

Another highlight of the week will be meeting founders of Sharing Nature
associations from around the world and learning from their experience.

For more information, see


Message: 7
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 10:27:48 -0400
From: Zak Miller <gogreen at ecologyaction.ca>
Subject: [Sust-mar] EAC Event
To: sust-mar at list.web.net
Message-ID: <497F19E4.9030004 at ecologyaction.ca>
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*Green Investment in Built Heritage*
Stewardship of the Natural and Built Environments
Co-Sponsored by
Ecology Action Centre
Nova Scotia Historic Places Initiative,
Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage

*WHEN: * Monday, February 16th   (9.30am - 4.00pm)
*WHERE:* North Street Church (5657 North Street, Halifax)
This day long conference will focus on our existing building stock in 
terms of 'green' re-construction, energy efficiency, and urban 
development.  With a broad reach into the development, heritage, 
government, and energy efficiency sectors; the day is sure to be 
relevant to those who value our built environment and value the 
potential our current building stock hold with respect to a low carbon 
future and effective future use of our natural and existing resources.

Our speaker panel will address hands-on renovation techniques and 
natural building methods; the energy 'credit' of our existing and 
historic building stock, the economics behind restoration vs. new 
construction, deep energy retrofits, a CMHC case study of a 'net-zero' 
home renovation, and everything you may bring to the table as a 
conference participator.

Lunch and refreshments are provided at no cost.  Please bring a mug.

*Shawna Henderson, Bfreehomes Design Ltd*.  Shawna Henderson has been 
working in the field of energy efficiency and housing since 1992. Her 
experience with the R-2000 and the EnerGuide for Houses (EcoENERGY) 
programs, coupled with research carried out for Canada Mortgage and 
Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Natural Resources Canada provide the 
backbone of the consultation and design services for Bfreehomes Design 
Ltd.. Her current work, in the field and in research studies, is 
focussed on approaching net zero energy in existing homes as well as new

*Bill Hockey *received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1970 and a Master 
of Environmental Design Studies (Conservation) in 1992. His Thesis 
evaluated the costs of reuse of historic buildings and how they are 
incurred using research and Canadian Case Study material. Working for 
Parks Canada from 1971 to 2006 he held positions in Heritage Recording, 
Conservation Architecture and Project Management; and has worked on 
historic sites in all parts of Canada. He retired from the Federal 
Government in 2006 and currently operates his own company Architectural 
Conservation Services based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
*Andrew Powter *has worked in the field of heritage conservation 
throughout his career at the local, national and international levels. 
His work has included many technical projects, development of national 
policy and legislation and technical training. Andrew is a long time 
member of the Association for Preservation Technology and the 
International Council for Monuments and Sites. He is a founding member 
and former co-chair of the APT Environmental Sustainability and Heritage

Conservation Technical Committee.

*Kim Thompson, Straw Bale Projects  *Focusing on health, environment, 
aesthetics and affordability Kim Thompson has been pioneering the 
construction of plastered straw bales and other natural building systems

since 1993. Her work in recent years has become increasingly directed at

improving existing building stock using local resources, and traditional

earth based finishing systems, She teaches at the School of 
Architecture, Dalhousie University, and has a varied design/build 
practice working with community groups, businesses and home-owners.

*CMHC* - Presentation on 'Now House' Project - Energy Retrofit of 60 
Year-old Housing

*    Register ASAP as space is limited.  There is no cost for
 To register, please contact:  Zak Miller,
     Ecology Action Centre
     902- 442-5051
     gogreen at ecologyaction.ca <mailto:gogreen at ecologyaction.ca>

Zachary Miller
Green Renovation Project Coordinator
Built Environment Committee
Ecology Action Centre
2705 Fern Lane
Halifax NS
B3K 4L3
Phone (902) 442-5051
Fax (902) 405-3716


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