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Hi All,

Thought that this would be of interest to many of you. Apologies for cross

Feel free to forward this invite to other interested folks!


* *

* What is Permaculture?*

*An Introductory Talk*

Exploring, designing, and implementing ecologically sane living in a world
gone slightly mad.

* *

*"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions
remain embarassingly simple." Bill Mollison (Permaculture co-founder)*

A talk & discussion--*2nd tues. of every month* at The Trident Cafe,1256
Hollis. *6:30-8:30pm* (after business hours)

$10 donation requested (sliding scale possible).

Permaculture (permanent culture) offers a rich, provocative, and holistic
systems perspective into our everyday world and its *energy flows*,
especially in regard to human habitation. By seeing clearly how beneficial
(or not!) connections are accomplished *by design*, we can ourselves begin
to design and redesign our surroundings and our actions in them. Deeply
anchored in compassionate ethics and ecological literacy, we can learn to
connect the myriad dots of existence in ways that yield a bird's eye view of
the landscape. This view, integrated with practical knowledge, creativity,
cooperation, and a "tool kit" of strategies, may then give rise to effective
"bottom-up action." Studying and practicing permaculture is a journey of
empowerment. Whether it's installing a backyard garden, doing a passive
solar design, establishing a farm or creating an ecovillage, permaculture
principles and pathways can help guide us to mutually beneficial outcomes
this world is so much in need of. As we move ahead into* a future *wherein
increasing and uncertain climate change, diminishing energy supplies, and a
wrecked economy clearly indicate will be* unlike the road behind*, we need
different ways of thinking and responding to these trajectories. Based not
on dysfunctional fantasies of continued economic "growth" i.e. more warfare,
more habitat destruction, and more social injustice, nor on a magic
technological elixir that will somehow "save" us, we need an approach
grounded in *creatively meeting our needs while conserving our remaining
resources.  *This is essential if we are to prosper in a healthy way and
continue to enjoy this particular planet. Permaculture is not "the answer,"
nor is it some utopian destination, rather it is* a direction*-- heading for
a saner existence, both material and not, in this place. If you realize the
road ahead may have some serious difficulties, but aren't too sure about
what can be done, or just simply want to explore PC a bit, this talk is for

Alex DeNicola has been farming ecologically in Nova Scotia for 18 years, and
has completed both Permaculture Design and Teacher Training courses. He has
hosted a variety of talks and practical workshops. Please checkout the
website at www.novascotiapermaculture.net for more info.
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