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Wed May 6 15:45:48 EDT 2009

Job Description


Position:  Office/Membership Coordinator (full-time)

The Nature Trust is a land conservation charity dedicated to protecting Nova
Scotia's most important natural areas, through private land conservation.
The Trust's protected areas network encompasses over 4000 acres of
outstanding conservation lands on 29 sites throughout the province.  

The office/membership coordinator is a central position to the Nature Trust,
essential to the effective, efficient and professional operations of the
organization and the Nature Trust's staff team, volunteers and Board of
Directors.  This Jack/Jill-of-all-trades keeps the entire office and
operations running smoothly, coordinate events and volunteers, manages our
database, provides the friendly voice/face of the Nature Trust to the public
and our supporters, and is responsible for our membership communications and

The position is fast-paced, dynamic and challenging with a diversity of
tasks and ongoing opportunities for learning and development.  The
office/membership coordinator works closely with the staff team who depend
on the office coordinator for logistical, administrative and technical



Database management

*        Oversee all management of Nature Trust database in Raisers' Edge
(data entry, management, quality control, data systems and procedures,
administrative/management function for database)

*        Provide queries and reports from Raiser's Edge to Executive
Director and staff as required (e.g. reports on campaign successes, active
volunteers, queries to create tiered mailings etc.)

*        Maintain up-to-date database records (e.g. current records of
members, donors, sponsors, in-kind supporters, professional contacts, event
attendees, project funders etc.) including overseeing regular updates of key
information from relevant staff members


Donor/Member management

*        Track donations/memberships (files, electronic, data input and
upkeep etc.)

*        Oversee donor appreciation (thank yous, personal notes, gifts etc.)

*        Oversee issuing of tax receipts (tracking/distribution)

*        Manage E-list 

*        Manage query, mail merge and production aspects of
fundraising/membership mailouts (queries, mail merges, coordination of
delivery etc.)

*        Ongoing contact with members through telephone, email and in person

*        Oversee production and distribution of newsletter and other

*        Provide support for annual membership drive and other fundraising
mail campaigns (securing prizes, assisting with mailouts, sponsorships and
prize donations)



Volunteer management 

*        Assist with recruitment, orientation and appreciation for
office/administrative volunteers

*        Direct oversight of volunteers (e.g. office, web) 

*        Maintain office volunteer schedule

*        Manage administration of volunteer communications (information
requests, confidentiality forms, thank-you letters, etc)


Events and meetings

*        Set up various in-house meetings (such as Board and executive
meetings), book venues, caterers, send reminders 

*        Provide planning, organization, promotion, administration and
logistical support for events such as:

*        annual general meeting, strategic planning session, open house and
other core events and activities

*        public events such as property celebrations

*        annual gala dinner and auction

*        other fundraising events and activities such as raffles and donor

*        Oversee all administrative and office support aspects of the annual
dinner (e.g. ticket reservations, management of attendee list,)

*        Provide other support as required for all fundraising
events/activities and staff members such as funding proposals, mail
campaigns, major gift program


Public Relations

*        Assist with public relations (sending out press releases, public
service announcements, updating media contacts list, assisting with writing
educational/promotional literature)

*        Support production of newsletter, annual report and other

*        Provide support and administration for Nature Trust public
relations and outreach events and activities (guided walks, property
excursions etc.)

*        Assist in keeping website current with regular
information-gathering, postings and updates.


Support to Nature Trust staff

*        Provide direct administrative support to the Executive Director 

*        Orient new staff and volunteers on office procedures

*        Provide a welcoming space for staff and volunteers

*        Provide other administration and assistance as required to support
the general operations of the Nature Trust, its programs, projects and land
securement work

*        Keep staff up-to-date and informed about deadlines,
external/internal events and maintain communications within the office and
staff team



*        Oversee computer storage system/network backup daily/monthly

*        Oversee and maintain computer system/server (setting up users,
passwords, updates/upgrades, routine maintenance, trouble-shooting,
acquiring new equipment as needed etc.)

*        Oversee maintenance of virus and other key software (regular
updates) on all computers

*        Oversee email and web server management

*        Maintain proficiency in all software applications/assist staff as


Oversee the smooth functioning of the office and daily operations of the
Nature Trust office 

*        Oversee management of all incoming and outgoing mail

*        Oversee file management system and maintain complete and up-to-date
files (paper/digital)

*        Oversee inventory and supplies (monitoring, ordering)

*        Liaise with service providers (printing, graphic design, telephone,
appraisals, legal, audit etc.)

*        Respond to inquiries or forward to appropriate staff member

*        Maintain updated files with registry of joint stock companies
(board changes, bylaw changes)

*        Maintain current board/staff lists

*        Carry-out graphic design/lay-out for basic in-house and promotional
materials (business cards, posters, raffle tickets etc.) 

*        Maintain the "survival guide" (especially procedures for database,
donor entry, other types of entry, other key systems)

*        Organize and maintaining the physical space, office equipment,
supplies and office systems,  building lease and insurance

*        Support book-keeping/finance function of the organization in
cooperation with the book-keeper (e.g. Petty cash management, management of
incoming cheques, invoicing, cash boxes)


*        Oversee staff/social events and activities (birthdays, meetings

*        Participate in and support the overall work of the Nature Trust



*        Strong computer aptitude and confidence in a range of applications
including word, excel, website maintenance, database management (not simply
data entry)

*        Ability to multi-task and handle more than one project at a time

*        Ability to manage tight deadlines and thrive in a fast-paced

*        Great attention to detail (particularly with data management and
ensuring high quality of communications leaving the office)

*        Highly organized and systematic with strong administrative skills

*        Independent and self-motivated, but able to work closely with
others on a regular basis

*        Ability to delegate tasks/direct volunteers/staff when necessary

*        Professional and responsible with sensitive/confidential issues

*        Strong communication skills (verbal, writing, email)

*        Exceptional people skills, diplomacy, ability to creatively and
amicably problem-solve with members, the public, service providers

*        Ability to learn quickly and independently (including technical

Other desirable assets

*        Web page maintenance/management

*        Graphic design and layout (Adobe Creative Suite)

*        Experience managing a computer server system

*        Experience working with Raisers' Edge

*        Experience working in a non-profit environment

*        Interest in conservation/environmental issues


Application Procedure

Please send a resume, cover letter and the names of 3 references by fax,
email, mail or in person to:

Bonnie Sutherland

PO Box 2202 Halifax, NS B3J 3C4  or  Fax (902) 429-5263 Email jobs at nsnt.ca



Application deadline:  May 31, 2009

Start Date: June 29 (some flexibility)

Salary:    $30,000-$36,000. 

We greatly appreciate your interest in applying for this greatly valued and
central position at the Nature Trust, and thank you for your time and
interest.  Only applicants who are successful in obtaining an interview will
be contacted.



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