[Sust-mar] Calling all bird enthusiasts and coffee drinkers!

Satya Ramen info at judesfairtrade.ca
Mon Nov 23 10:14:52 EST 2009

What is the connection between our beautiful songbirds and your morning
coffee?  Many of our forest songbirds migrate to prime coffee-growing areas
of Central and South America.  Unfortunately, their populations are
declining.  Bridget Stutchbury, Professor and author of Silence of the
Songbirds says that "By some estimates, we may have already lost almost half
the songbirds that filled the skies only forty years ago." 


The good news is that populations respond well when habitat is protected.
The Ecology Action Centre ( <http://www.ecologyaction.ca>
www.ecologyaction.ca) and JUDES ( <http://www.judesfairtrade.ca>
www.judesfairtrade.ca) have partnered to raise awareness of the relationship
between coffee and our migrant songbirds.  Through the funding support of
ACIC ( <http://www.acic-caci.org> www.acic-caci.org), we are able to loan
the "Birdsong and Coffee: a Wake-up Call" (
http://www.olddogdocumentaries.com/vid_bsc.html) movie and informational
handouts to groups interested in learning more about the ecology of coffee,
and how Fair Trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee can be bird-friendly and
can help preserve biodiversity.   


If your student or youth group, community group, or environmental group
would like to borrow the movie to screen, please contact Satya at
<mailto:satya at judesfairtrade.ca> satya at judesfairtrade.ca.  There is no cost
involved to your group.  The deadline to register is for this is December
18, 2009 and the screenings must be completed by March 15, 2010.




Satya Ramen

Development Coordinator

Email: satya at judesfairtrade.ca

Tel: 902-542-7474 ext 235 (Wednesdays & Fridays)

Cell: 902-877-0263 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)


JUDES develops public awareness of fair trade and responsible purchasing.
By providing eductional resources and facilitating partnerships, JUDES
builds solidarity between consumers and small producers across the
hemispheres with respect to social, environmental, and economic justice.


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