[Sust-mar] Fall workshops for woodlot owners

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Wed Aug 11 17:01:14 EDT 2010

The Association for Sustainable Forestry (ASF) has announced a program of fall
workshops for woodland owners interested in uneven-aged management and growing
high-value trees. These free workshops will be offered all over the province
from September 11 to November 13. (See below for our workshop schedule.)

The Uneven-Aged Management Project is designed to educate woodland owners and
silviculture contractors interested in growing long-lived, shade-tolerant tree
species and quality forest products. It focuses on silviculture practices
associated with uneven-aged management—selection management, crop tree release,
and crop tree pruning–and on funding available for these treatments through the
ASF’s Category 7 Quality Improvement Silviculture Program.

Woodlot owner workshops include morning session, held indoors, and an afternoon
a visit to a woodlot where quality-improvement silviculture treatments have been
or could be conducted. The workshops emphasize ”how to’s” of uneven-aged
management, with opportunities to learn through hands-on exercises conducted in
the field. Woodland owners learn how to ensure that quality-improvement
silviculture treatments are successful and cost effective. Topics to be
discussed also include how to decide which trees to harvest and which to retain,
ecosystem-based forest management, and challenges of doing this kind of work.

Space at these programs is limited and will be allocated on a first-come,
first-served basis. Pre-registration is required.

This outreach project is administered by the ASF and is being funded by the
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources as part of a program to increase the
number of small, private woodlot owners who use uneven-aged forest management
methods on appropriate sites. The project is being conducted on behalf of the
ASF by the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association in collaboration
with Picea Forestry Services and Woodlot Management of Bridgewater, NS.

Interested woodlot owners and contractors are encouraged to contact the Category
7 Outreach Project at 902-673-2278 or outreach at asforestry.com. The workshop
schedule is as follows:


Woodlot owner workshops last a full day and include an indoor morning session
followed by an afternoon visit to a nearby woodlot. Lunch is included. The
workshop and meal are free.
• Sept. 11, St. Andrews, Antigonish County
• Oct. 2, Carleton, Yarmouth County
• Oct. 9, Wentworth area, Colchester County
• Oct. 23, Mabou area, Inverness County, Cape Breton
• Nov. 6, Black Rock area, Kings County
• Nov. 13, Pleasant Valley area, Pictou County

Space at all workshops is limited and will be allocated on a first-come,
first-served basis. Pre-registration is required. To register call 902-673-2278
or email outreach at asforestry.com

Flora Johnson
For the Uneven-Aged Management Outreach Project

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